World Christianity Virtual Conference

March 3–6, 2021

SEO World Christianity Conference

The third international, interdisciplinary virtual conference organized by The World Christianity & History of Religions Program (Department of History & Ecumenics)

Recent decades mark a significant watershed in the study of World Christianity as an emerging field, its development into an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary endeavor in particular. Reflection on the complexity of Christianity as a pluricultural, global phenomenon has become robust. Framed loosely in terms of the seminal insights of Dale Irvin, who conceptualizes the study of world Christianity as a crossing of three borders — borders of culture, borders of confession, and borders of religion — our first two conferences (2018 and 2019) focused on historiography and ethnography, leaving other religions as the last of three major subfields still to be explored. Accordingly, and based on the premise that Christianity never emerges cross-culturally from a vacuum but always reciprocally in a variety of global contexts already conditioned by preexisting religions (whether African, Amerindian, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, or Islamic, to mention but a few of the myriad possibilities), we invite proposals for papers and panels on this multifaceted, wide-open topic from scholars in all branches of the academy. While critical reflection is encouraged on "religion" as a construct having a complex European genealogy problematizing all scholarship on Christianity in extra-European contexts, we particularly welcome proposals that address the problematics through the prism of contextualized case studies (contemporary or historical). As before, the conference seeks to reflect on the state of the field, critique past practices, and explore innovative approaches that push the edge on world Christianity scholarship. Panels on such themes as conversion, translation, identity, missions, materiality, migration, diaspora, intercultural theology, and interreligious dialogue are only a few of the many possibilities. In short, the conference seeks to provide an interdisciplinary space for intellectual encounter and exchange.

Afe Adogame, professor of religion and society
Raimundo Barreto, assistant professor of world Christianity
Richard F. Young, associate professor of the history of religions

Call for Papers

  • Paper or panel proposals should be submitted using the following links:
  • Proposal deadline: November 6, 2020. Include: name, institutional affiliation and status, email address, contact phone, paper/panel title, and abstract (300 words, maximum)
  • Notification of successful proposals will be made by November 16, 2020.

Download Call for Papers (pdf)

Conference Details


Conference registration will commence on November 17, 2020.


  • $40.00 (faculty based in USA, Canada, and Europe)
  • $25.00 (faculty based in the Global South, graduate students/retirees)

Resources from Past Conferences

Wide Image World Christianity Conference 2018 Group Shot
Participants in the 2018 World Christianity Conference gather in the Princeton Theological Seminary Library

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Youth Minister at Busbridge and Hambledon Church, Surrey, U.K.

Antonin Ficatier, Class of 2016

“What I like about working in an international church is that I’m always reminded that I’m a foreigner, that the land is not mine and I’m just a passenger on this journey.”