Continuing Education

Regional Auditing Program

Area pastors, church leaders, and community members 18 years and older are welcome to audit select seminary courses on a non-credit basis. Registration through The Office of Continuing Education is required and there is a fee of $175 per course with a limit of one course per person per semester.

Registration requires two steps:

  1. Register and pay the required fee online.*
  2. Call the Office of Continuing Education to schedule a time to pick up any information for your course and parking pass. Phone number and office hours are in the email confirmation of your online registration.

Available space in each course is limited and varies course by course.

Auditors will sit in on course lectures but should not expect to participate in class discussion, attend precepts, or have work evaluated by professors. All communication about courses should be directed to the Office of Continuing Education. No credit or certification is given for audited courses. However, pastors and church professionals may request verification of continuing education units (CEUs), at the conclusion of the semester, from the Office of Continuing Education.

*Check back in mid July to register for the Fall 2019 offerings.

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