Navigating the Waters

What is Navigating the Waters?

Navigating the Waters is an educational and empowerment initiative that explores and provides diversity and intercultural proficiency tools for establishing and sustaining our Seminary community with mutual respect and accountability. It seeks to foster intentional cultural humility and diversity competency in order to equip the Seminary community with practical tools to confront the myriad of challenges posed by a diverse and pluralistic society and to enable faculty, administrators, staff, and students to embrace diverse cultures and forms of expression.

Through the Office of Multicultural Relations and in partnership with student organizations and faculty, Navigating the Waters continues to develop the following components:

  • Intercultural Sensitivity Forums: In partnership with the Office of Field Education, we conduct venues that focus on global learning outcomes for and with students who are participating in short and long-range internship experiences.

  • The Forums on Faith, Culture, and Diversity: Global scholars engage in conversations on intercultural matters and interfaith realities.

  • Diversity Colloquiums on Race, Gender Equity, Class, and Community Engagement: Scholars and practitioners guide reflection and action on local and national issues.

  • Courageous Conversations on Race, Power, Privilege, Stereotypes, and Justice: Group facilitators are trained to lead conversations with students, faculty, and administration. Participants engage one another in a deep and sustained dialogue that may be uncomfortable at times, but is necessary for our Seminary community to meet the challenges of the changing times.

"I am most excited for the day when individuals from a wide range of backgrounds sit around the same table for honest and constructive dialogue, not as acquaintances, but as friends." - Student Participant

Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations is a Navigating the Waters initiative to create safe, confidential, and sacred spaces for hearing one another’s stories. Small groups of students, faculty, and staff meet regularly throughout the year to build relationships and talk openly about issues of race, gender, power, and privilege. Through circles of open sharing, respectful listening, and committed presence, Courageous Conversations offers opportunities for deepening trust and caring for all who are part of Princeton Theological Seminary’s diverse community.

Groups meet once or twice per month for one hour during lunch. Those interested in participating in a group should contact Navigating the Waters.

Diversity Colloquiums

The Diversity Colloquiums are a series of seminars and conversations held throughout the school year to discuss topics of inclusion and diversity. The colloquiums put the spotlight on scholarship and praxis, and they help students to develop conceptual and practical tools for living and leading in diverse communities. Scholars and practitioners from various disciplines, including social work, sociology, geography, political science, educational sciences, theology, and anthropology, are invited to participate as speakers, panelists, and contributors.

Recent themes include:

  • Community building and mobilizing strategies in diverse urban settings
  • The role of professionals in fostering solidarity in diversity
  • The relationship between policy-making at various scales and solidarity intervention

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Youth Minister at Busbridge and Hambledon Church, Surrey, U.K.

Antonin Ficatier, Class of 2016

“What I like about working in an international church is that I’m always reminded that I’m a foreigner, that the land is not mine and I’m just a passenger on this journey.”