Important Deadlines

  • The admissions deadline for the fall of 2021 is now past. Requests to apply late for fall 2021 should be directed to admissions@ptsem.edu and will be considered on a space available basis.
  • The application for fall 2022 will open in July for new applicants.

Interviews are recommended for MDiv, MA(TS) and MACEF candidates, and are required for MDiv/MACEF (dual-degree) applicants. An interview is required for merit scholarship consideration. All MDiv, MACEF, MA(TS), and MDiv/MACEF (dual-degree) applicants interested in being considered for a merit scholarship must complete an interview for scholarship consideration. If no interview slots are available in our online system, please email us at admissions@ptsem.edu.

Student Spotlight

“Being able to gain such different perspectives on faith helps you become well-rounded as a leader.”

- Harlan Redmond, MDiv '21

Financial Aid

Princeton Theological Seminary has a very generous financial aid program due to faithful gifts from generations of donors and alumni.

Over 90% of MDiv, MACEF, MA(TS), and dual MDiv/MACEF students receive grants or scholarships
Student Spotlight

“At Princeton Seminary, I do not have to compromise meaningful experiences and opportunities with costs.”

- Maci Sepp, MA(TS) ’20

Contact the Admissions Team

For assistance, please contact the Office of Admissions at admissions@ptsem.edu or call 609.497.7805.

Joel Estes, MDiv ’12
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Mike Livio
Director of Student Administrative Services
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Lydia Tembo, MDiv ’19
Assistant Director of Recruitment
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Patricia Korsak
Financial Aid Coordinator
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Sherry Garrahan
Enrollment Services Coordinator
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Vanessa Johnson
Recruitment Assistant

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Environmental steward at St. Paul’s Christian School

Nick Babladelis, Class of 2015

“The faculty and staff at Princeton Seminary took my interests in science and theology and gave them real direction.”