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Entering Student Checklist

Fall 2019 Orientation Schedule
  1. Create Seminary Network Account & Password: If you have not already done so as part of your confirmation process, you must first create your PTS network account and password in order to access the PTS Community portal, which allows you to utilize Registration, Student Accounts, and other interactive features.
  2. Immunization Verification: All Entering students must verify immunizations before they will be allowed to enroll.
    - Immunization Verification Instructions (pdf)
    - Immunization Verification (Forms A and B) (pdf)
    - FAQ's (pdf)
  3. Health Insurance Enrollment OR Waiver Form: All full-time students are required to have health insurance. You are required to buy coverage through the PTS Student Health Benefits Plan, or prove that you have sufficient coverage through a parent, spouse, church or employer.
    - PTS Statement on Student Health Insurance Coverage (pdf)
    - 2019-2020 Student Health Benefit Enrollment Form (doc)
    - 2019-2020 Student Health Benefit Waiver Form (doc)
    - 2018-2019 Student Health Benefit Plan Document (pdf)
    - 2018-2019 Student Health Benefit Plan Summary (pdf)
    - 2018-2019 Comprehensive Fee Plan Document (pdf)
    - Glossary of Terms (pdf)
  4. Final Academic Transcript Submitted: All transcripts showing that your degree was conferred must be submitted before a student may matriculate at PTS.
  5. PTS Entering Student Survey: This survey collects important and required information and is mandatory for all incoming students.
  6. Visa Matters for International Students: This information is provided to international students from the Office of Multicultural Relations.
  7. Register for Classes (Inside PTS)
  8. Housing (Inside PTS): Housing assignments for fall should be communicated to students in the first week of July. Further questions should be directed to the Office of Housing.
  9. Disability Accommodations: Admitted students who would like to request reasonable accommodations are asked to contact Academic Support at academic.support@ptsem.edu.

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