En Conjunto! Strengthening the Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Latinx Masters and PhD Students

En Conjunto! Strengthening the Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation of Latinx Masters and PhD Students is a project of the Hispanic Theological Initiative (HTI) funded by Lilly Endowment Inc. The grant will enable further development of four projects embedded in HTI’s professional development focus for Latinx masters and PhDs in theology and religion:

  1. The development of a mentoring program for masters students in their middle and senior year that would help strengthen their qualifications for doctoral studies.
  2. The provision of pre-dissertation fellowships and emergency funds to current Latinx HTI Scholars to increase retention, and lessen debt.
  3. The expansion of HTI's internship program to HTI Scholars in short-time service to nonprofit Hispanic religious and academic institutions, resulting in enhanced qualifications for post-doctoral employment.
  4. The expansion of HTI’s ability, through the employment of an assistant advancement director, assistant program director, junior administer, and part-time social media coordinator, and consultants to: (a) increase and direct HTI’s fundraising efforts; and (b) restructure HTI’s infrastructure to advance and strengthen the HTI consortium.

Directed by Rev. Joanne Rodríguez, the Hispanic Theological Initiative is a unique partnership with 24 PhD granting institutions whose mission is to cultivate Latinx PhDs for leadership positions in the academy, the church, and the world. With the support of the 24 consortium member institutions, HTI seeks to increase the recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of Latinx PhD students across the nation; increase the presence of Latinx leaders and faculty – especially tenured faculty in seminaries, schools of theology, and universities; and provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and best practices to engage the contributions of Latinx faculty and students and amplify diverse voices and perspectives within the Latinx community and beyond. Established in 1996, HTI is a mentoring, networking, and fellowship program that addresses critical issue of advancing Latinx scholarship and leadership in theological and religious landscape for the betterment of academic and church communities across the world. Learn more at www.htiprogram.org.

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