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International Exchange Program

Information for International Students

Princeton Theological Seminary (host institution) has exchange programs with several international educational institutions through the Global Network for Theology, Religious, and Christian Studies, as well as agreements with other institutions across the globe (home institutions).

If you are interested in coming to Princeton Theological Seminary for an academic year beginning in the Fall semester (typically starting in the end of August for International Student Orientation) through the last week of April through an international exchange program, the following will be helpful in your preparations:

  • Speak with the administrator or faculty who is responsible at your institution regarding the exchange agreement with Princeton Theological Seminary and inquire regarding the specifications.
  • The deadline to submit your Petition Form and all subsequent information for consideration and possible enrollment into the exchange program is January 15.
  • In order to help your decision-making, please visit our course catalogue (Inside PTS).

  • Students participating in the exchange program will be accepted upon recommendation of the home institution, provided that they fulfill the admission requirements of the host institution.
  • Exchange students are eligible to take all courses for which they are academically qualified. Exchange students are not eligible for a degree from Princeton Seminary.
  • Language competency should be at a level which would allow participating students to succeed in classes taught in the language of the host institution. We require international students to take the TOEFL as part of the review process. If you wish to petition for a waiver, please contact the Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo, Jr., Associate Dean for Institutional Diversity at [email protected] with a detailed reason as to why you believe this requirement ought to be waived.
  • Tuition and fees, where applicable, will be paid directly to the student’s home institution.
  • Each student will be responsible for his or her own transportation to and from the host institution, as well as for room and board while attending the host institution.
  • The host institution will assist exchange students in arranging accommodation in a student dormitory.
  • It is required that all international applicants seek support for travel costs from local, denominational, or ecumenical church bodies.
  • Typically, exchanges will be for a full academic year. However, students desiring shorter exchanges may be accommodated upon the recommendation of the home institution.
  • Participating students will be subject to the rules and regulations of the host institution. Any breach of these rules will be dealt with in accordance with the host institution’s disciplinary policy.
  • Upon completion of studies, a transcript of the student’s academic work will be provided to the home institution by the host institution at the request of the student.

  • Submission of the Petition Form (see below) with all pertinent information by January 15.
  • A nomination letter from the home institution’s contact person responsible for exchange programs attesting to the status of the student’s academic standing and reason(s) for the nomination.
  • An official transcript from the home institution
  • A letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty, preferably an academic advisor, attesting to the student’s academic capabilities

  • The International Admissions Committee will review all petitions for Princeton Seminary’s exchange program.
  • Official notices of the decisions will be communicated electronically from Princeton Seminary’s Office of Admissions during the month of March.
  • Typically, upon notification of admission, a student will have a few weeks to confirm the invitation.

  • Upon confirmation of a student’s admission, the Office of Multicultural Relations through its International Enrollment and Services Coordinator will provide information regarding appropriate steps for enrollment.
  • All entering international students, including exchange program students are required to attend the mandatory International Student Orientation Program that typically takes place the last week of August. In addition, all incoming students, domestic and international, are required to attend the General Student Orientation prior to classes beginning in September.
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