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Current Field Education Supervisors

Field Education Placement Database

Our database contains all current field education placements. Sites enter and update their information, which is then approved by our advisors. Students can search the approved site list by different criteria to help in their placement search. Sites should read and update their profiles every August to ensure accurate information.

Click here to update your site, supervisor and placement description information. If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact [email protected].

Looking for a Future Student

Students begin interviewing at sites as early as the end of October. They are required to have all summer and academic-year placements finalized by April 1st. Many students will have a placement in mind when they return for classes in late January, so updating your database information in the fall can be very helpful.

Once you have offered a student a position and the student has accepted, both you and the student should contact The Office of Field Education and Vocational Placement to start the paperwork process. The office will check that the current online profile is our system is accurate; if not, you will be asked to update. Once the information is accurate, you will be sent a copy of the job description and Partnership in Ministry Agreement to sign and return. The office will email the student to come and sign the paperwork when the Partnership in Ministry Agreement is returned to the office with your signature. Complete paperwork with a signed Partnership in Ministry Agreement is due by April 1st (or the first work day in April). Copies of the signed paperwork will be provided to both the supervisor and the student.

Currently Supervising a Student

Because academic credit is awarded for every field education course, students and supervisors are required to submit course work during the placement. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all portions of the course documents by their due dates. However, supervisors should be aware of the due dates and plan time to complete their portions in a timely manner.

Academic Year Placements

  • Learning/Serving Covenant due in October
  • Mid-Year Appraisal due in January
  • Final Appraisal due in April

Summer Placements

  • Learning/Serving Covenant due in June
  • Final Appraisal due in August

Year-Long Intensive Placements

  • Learning/Serving Covenant due in September
  • Mid-Year Appraisal due in January
  • Final Appraisal due in August
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