Center for Church Planting & Revitalization


The purpose of The Center for Church Planting and Revitalization is to shape a new generation of leaders who dare to reimagine the mission and practices of the church in a society experiencing great change. It seeks to support leaders who are passionate about the gospel and are called by God to establish new Christian communities among the unaffiliated or to revitalize congregations that have embraced the challenge of deep change.

Wide Image Missional Church Cohort Meeting
Leaders in church planting and revitalization meet with the Center for an ecumenical consultation

Planting churches and renewing congregations are not the same. Church planting must birth new communities whereas revitalization must resurrect existing ones. Common to both is a particular kind of leader: imaginative, entrepreneurial, sacrificial, and committed to God’s mission in the world. The Center’s purpose will be to identify, equip and support these leaders.

The Center utilizes the resources of a robust theological institution to forge a renewed missional vision for a changing context. The Center embodies PTS's commitments to Jesus Christ, educating pastors, scripture, research in service of the church, continuing education, multi-cultural and multi-racial collaboration, and ecumenical partnership.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Special Advisor & Founding Director, IJM Institute

Bethany Hoang, Class of 2004

“The rooting of justice in our spiritual formation in Christ requires careful thought and teaching. I was equipped to lead in this way through my time at PTS.”