Campus Plan

Campus Plan Values

Facilitate community

  • We believe in the transformative power of Christian community to shape leaders for the church.
  • All of our buildings and grounds will support a living-learning environment that provides occasions for deepening the bonds of community through study, worship, work, and play.
  • The campus will feature buildings and outdoor spaces that facilitate interactions and shared experiences that invite us to learn from one another.

Create a unified campus

  • The plan studies the campus as a whole and enhances the links between its three main centers of activity : the core campus organized around the quad, the library, and the student housing complex at the Tennent-Roberts site.
  • It envisions inviting, accessible pathways between the parts that enhance the natural beauty of the campus and its distinctive sense of place.

Enhance our neighborhood

  • Princeton Seminary has been a cornerstone of the neighborhood for more than 200 years. The plan represents an investment in the neighborhood and honors the historic, residential character of its surroundings.
  • The Seminary is also part of a larger town, region, and world, and seeks to be a faithful member of these communities by making design decisions in accord with principles of sustainability and wise stewardship.
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Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, Atlantic City, NJ

Latasha Milton, Class of 2018

“My passion is doing what I can to empower and liberate people who are hurting. PTS has made me a better person and pastor because it’s given me the tools to better serve the oppressed and marginalized.”