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Student Organizations

“By worshipping, learning, serving, and living together as one community, we will strive to make this a place where each individual flourishes as we discern and fulfill our respective callings to the ministry of the church through the grace of God in Jesus Christ.”

-“Living Together at Princeton Theological Seminary”

Each student organization has its Informational Page where up-to-date information on particular events sponsored by that specific organization can be found. Please click on their name and visit these pages.

Asian Association of Princeton Theological Seminary

The purpose of the Asian Association is to serve as an advocate for the quality of student life at the Seminary. It aims to provide space for deepening its members’ spiritual identity through continual conversation with a diversity of Asian and Asian American perspectives. To this end, the members strive to offer intentional space and resources in ways that promote worship, fellowship, and social responsibility.

Association of Black Seminarians

The Association of Black Seminarians is committed to the liberating word of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and interpreting this message afresh for this contemporary age. Its purpose is to establish and give mutual support to its African and African American brothers and sisters while matriculating at the Seminary; to create an atmosphere for the sharing of its members’ gifts and achievements; to provide a communal forum for telling its members’ personal, ethnic, and religious experience in the wider theological environment; to work toward building a network for the structure and support of the ministries of its members; to devote its members in word and deed to the transforming message of liberation through support, presence, commitment, and unity, such that the Seminary will be the continued recipient of the unique contribution of its members.

The Association of Charismatic Theological Students (ACTS)

ACTS is a gathering of Pentecostal/charismatic students at the Seminary, as well as any students interested in the study and/or practice of Pentecostalism. The ACTS provides a scholarly and sacred space for the exploration of socio-cultural identity expressions, theological formation, and spiritual direction among Pentecostal-type Christians, combining historical-critical, interdisciplinary religious studies with active participation in faith communities. Any and all students are welcome at any of ACTS’s activities.

Association of Latino(a)/Students (ALS)

The Association of Latino(a) Students is primarily composed of students from a Latino(a)/Hispanic background. It welcomes students from all ethnic backgrounds. The mission of ALS is threefold. First, ALS provides a community for students to engage the Latino(a)/Hispanic heritage. ALS also seeks to enhance the students’ Seminary education with workshops that address their needs specifically. Second, ALS seeks to foster a constructive dialogue on issues affecting the Latino(a)/Hispanic American Community. Third, in conjunction with bringing awareness, ALS encourages responsible action toward these concerns. This is done through various events which include, but are not limited to, panel discussions, workshops on academic needs, cultural awareness events, meetings, dialogue with other students, and social gatherings.

Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters (BGLASS)

Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Supporters seeks to provide support, education, resources, and fellowship to members of the Seminary community, especially those who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning (GLBTQ), and their heterosexual allies. BGLASS believes that GLBTQ persons should be fully included in the church as they affirm their sexuality and discern God’s call. To that end, BGLASS also advocates for and witnesses to the love and justice of God for all people within the Seminary community. BGLASS offers a variety of activities, including regular meetings, workshops, educational forums, movie screenings, fellowship and social events, and a confidential support group for GLBTQ persons. During the spring semester, BGLASS hosts its annual BGLASS Week with festivities on the quad, services of worship in the chapel, panel discussions, and keynote speakers.

Covenant Network of Presbyterians

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians (Covenant Network) seeks to uphold the mission of the national organization and to encourage all Christians to work for a more faithful, just, and inclusive church. Each year, the Covenant Network hosts lectures and workshops on campus to foster a more hospitable environment for dialogue about the unity of the church, ordination, and the lives of GBLT Christians in the church, among other things. It also invites members of the community to enter into biblical and theological studies and conversations with other members of the network on campus and in the community. The Covenant Network can help provide resources on sexuality, ordination, covenantal relationships, faith stories, theology, and living as church. Most importantly, the Covenant Network wants to hear others’ stories of faith and enter into relationship with them for the building of a more inclusive, more whole church.

Environmentally Conscious Organization of Seminarians (ECOS)

This group consists of students who love God’s creation and take very seriously our covenantal responsibility for its well-being. They work alongside PTS faculty, staff, and other students to make this campus more sustainable and to equip future pastors and educators with the tools to do the same for their communities. For ECOS, sustainability is chiefly about building relationships: with each other, with the housing and facilities staff who care for our immediate environment every day, and of course with the earth.

Great Lakes and Michigan Seminarians (GLAMS)

The vision of Great Lakes and Michigan Seminarians (GLAMS) is to promote education about Michigan and the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, provide advocacy and networking opportunities for students interested in ministry opportunities in Michigan and the Great Lakes region, and encourage fellowship among students from Michigan and the Great Lakes and the rest of the campus community. GLAMS encourages new and returning students, staff, and faculty that have interest in the Great Lakes region to get involved in planning an event or gathering throughout the year.

International Friends Network (IFN)

The purpose of the International Friends Network is to foster the practice of hospitality, facilitate cross-cultural learning experiences, and support international students in times of transition.

IFN seeks to achieve its purpose through the Friendship Partnering Program, in which each interested International student is paired with one or more students from the U.S.A. so that throughout the course of the year each pair or group can develop intentional relationships; through the Language Exchange Partnering Program, in which students and community members can help each other learn languages; through fellowship events and forums for international awareness; and through collaboration with International Student Fellowship and other organizations of shared interest.

International Student Fellowship (ISF)

The mission of the International Student Fellowship is to encourage and facilitate a “fellowship of nations” at the Seminary. While the core group of ISF members is comprised of international students in the Th.M., M.A., and M.Div. programs, the ISF also includes the families of international students, internationals in the Ph.D. program, professors, and interested students of all backgrounds. We believe that while students come to PTS from abroad in order to enhance their particular ministries, they also bring with them broad and rich backgrounds from which the entire Seminary community can learn. The ISF endeavors to help this learning take place, both among international and domestic students. All are welcome to come and participate in this opportunity for cross-cultural learning and fellowship


Koinonia is an organization of doctoral candidates, the purpose of which is to provide a forum for the discussion of issues of scholarly interest. Throughout the year, its meetings feature speakers discussing topics of interdisciplinary concern to the doctoral student body. These topics include issues relating to the instructional departments, faculty committees, and campus councils. Koinonia also fosters and encourages social activities for doctoral students and assists in the annual orientation of new students at the Seminary.

Presbyterians for Renewal

Presbyterians for Renewal is committed to and seeks the renewal of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Its purpose is to encourage members of the Seminary community, especially those who are members of the PCUSA, to participate in the renewal of the PCUSA denomination. It believes renewal will be possible through 1) addressing and engaging in multicultural issues and the realization of a multicultural church, 2) prayer and discussion about renewal in the PCUSA, and 3) cultivation of a supportive place for people to pursue personal and corporate renewal based on the Word of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It seeks to create a campus community that actively thinks, discusses, and prays about the renewing work that God is doing in this denomination.

Seminarians for Peace and Justice (SFPAJ)

Seminarians for Peace and Justice is a group of Seminary students committed to pursuing God’s call to be instruments of peacemaking and reconciliation in the world. In response to this call its members gather weekly for prayer, Bible study, and the coordination of a variety of educational and advocacy-related activities that take place both on and off campus. Its concerns are local, national, and global, and its members respond in a variety of ways. In cooperation with other campus organizations it helps bring speakers to campus, coordinate student and faculty discussions, and provide opportunities for the Seminary community to act in creative and constructive ways in response to the brokenness of the world.

SFPAJ hopes to be a “sending” organization, empowering individuals and groups of students to pursue ministries of peacemaking and reconciliation to which they feel called and providing resources and assistance whenever possible. Through prayer, study, and action, it seeks healing and wholeness in God’s good creation.

Theological Students’ Fellowship (TSF)

The Theological Students’ Fellowship is an organization of Seminary students gathered around a confession of the Lordship of Jesus Christ as reflected in scripture, who recognize our call to minister to one another and to the Seminary community as led by the Holy Spirit. Through group meetings for fellowship and service, TSF seeks to provide a space for personal and spiritual growth as well as a way for students to build relationships and identity. In addition to these functions of TSF as a whole, the TSF includes four specific ministries that provide further opportunity for fellowship, growth, and service: the Well, Princeton Theological Review, Living Stones, and the Speakers Committee.

The Women’s Center

For more than thirty-five years the Women’s Center has provided a supportive sisterhood for women of the Seminary community to feel, speak, and act. Over the years, it has encouraged women through fellowship, performance, discussion, advocacy, outreach, speakers and panels, and other programs. The Women’s Center is a welcoming space located on the lower level of the Mackay Campus Center, down the hall from the TBA. The room is open for student use from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. daily. Please refer to its handout “How Can You Benefit from the Women’s Center?” or contact the Women’s Center co-moderators for more information on how to take advantage of this excellent resource. The Women’s Center is made up of female students, faculty, staff, administrators, and families of Seminary students. It also has a Men’s Auxiliary, which is comprised of male students, faculty, and families of students. The Women’s Center is guided by a board of twelve women.

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Seminary Council on Institutional Diversity (SCID)

A representative body of the Seminary community is committed to a culture that fosters awareness and inclusiveness where community members are empowered and committed to an inclusive agenda. SCID will create, collaborate with and support the development of innovative ideas and effective strategies to recruit and retain diverse students, staff, and faculty.

Living Together
Living Together
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