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Navigating My Way Through

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Amy Molina is a bright, promising M.Div senior at PTS. She is currently seeking ordination in the Episcopal Church and an active student on and off campus. Part of that activity is with Navigation the Waters, a diversity initiative that has sparked much discussion about what we really believe and value about each other as a diverse body of students and ministers serving a multi-layered, endlessly diverse world community. In this blog, Amy gives her own reflection on what her experience has been with the initiative and what she thinks we all need to perk up and pay attention to in its push forward toward respectful, respected and loving diversity --

 Navigating the Waters has been on my radar screen since my first year here at Princeton Seminary, 2010-2011.  Its beginnings were birthed from a controversy that many find themselves still sorting through the roots and results of, and so its reception here at the seminary has not been welcomed as one might have a hoped a diversity initiative in this institution would have been.  There is clearly a lot of skepticism and distrust amongst the different constituencies who work and live on this campus. That was one of the first things the Navigating the Waters initiative uncovered in its extensive survey of the campus.  How will this program be different?  How will this help?  And since then, the process has been slow-going, BUT IT HAS PERSERVERED and after a full year of gathering data, some kick-starts and setbacks, it is evolving and maturing into something that has real potential to be an engine of change and accountability in this place.  At the beginning of this year everyone was sent an email inviting them to be a part of Navigating the Waters, of that invitation about 30 people have responded and joined the initiative.  They have formed dialogue groups which work to create a safe space for students to stop and hear one another’s stories and dive into topics that cover a range of issues regarding diversity, exclusion and inclusion.  As current and future ministers of the Gospel, this matters.  Hopefully this movement will grow as more students recognize that these are issues that touch all of our lives… especially here at seminary.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Amy Molina, M.Div Senior


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