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Women’s Studies

The emphasis in Women’s Studies is designed as a specialization area for M.A., M.Div., Th.M. and dual-degree candidates. This provides students with the opportunity to work interdepartmentally on concerns of women in relation to ministry. In order to qualify for this emphasis, students must have at least six semesterlength activities, including at least two Women’s Studies courses (category 1), one paper (category 2), one extracurricular activity (categories 3–6), and two additional courses or activities. See the categories listed below:

1. Women’s Studies courses taken (including those in which the student is currently enrolled)
2. Titles of papers written on the subject of women’s issues for other classes and/or master’s-level thesis work
3. Involvement with PTS committees concerned with women’s issues
4. Participation in extracurricular activities, including volunteer and church work dealing with women’s issues
5. Involvement in field education placements that focus on ministry to/for women
6. Organization/implementation of new programs to meet needs of women in the community

Contact the chair of WICAM for more information, and to be advised in the process.

Women’s Studies Courses—Full (entire course devoted to women-related topics)

OT3360 Old Testament, Women, and Cultural/Ecclesial Diversity
OT3466 Women in Old Testament Narratives
CH3217 Christian Women in the World of Late Antiquity
CH3218 Women Leaders of the Medieval Church
CH3213 Medieval Female Spirituality
CH/EC3338 Women in African Christianity
CH/EF3460 Prayer and Spiritual-Devotional Life
CH3510 Women and Religion in Modern Europe
TH3466cr Feminist and Womanist Theology
PR3261 Exploring Women’s Preaching Traditions
Women’s Studies Courses—Component (at least 1/3 of course devoted to womenrelated topics) OT3437 Song of Songs
CH3215 Syriac Christianity and the Rise of Islam
CH3250 Holy Things: The Role of Objects in Medieval and Early Modern Christianity
CH3451 Popular Religion and Popular Culture in Modern Europe