Sally Brown and Nancy Duff have contributed to Explorations in Christian Theology and Ethics: Essays in Conversation with Paul L. Lehmann (Ashgate, 2009). This volume is occasioned by the 100th anniversary of the birth of Paul Lehmann and also includes contributions by alums James Cubie (’71b, ’09d), Eun Joo Kim (’91B, ’96D), and Michelle Bartel (’90B, ’98D), who also coedited the publication.

James Charlesworth has edited The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Volumes 1 and 2: Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments (Hendrickson Publishers, December 2009).

Kenda Creasy Dean has written A Youth Ministry Handbook (Abingdon Press, March 2010).

Robert C. Dykstra has coedited with Allan Hugh Cole Jr. (’94B, ’01D) a compilation of essays published as a festschrift—a work in honor and celebration of Donald Capps, that appears in a double issue of Pastoral Psychology.

Beverly Roberts Gaventa has coedited The New Interpreter’s One Volume Commentary on the Bible (Abingdon Press, forthcoming July 2010).

Gordon Graham has written Theories of Ethics: An Introduction with Readings (Routledge, forthcoming June 2010).

William Stacy Johnson has cowritten and coedited Crisis, Call, and Leadership in the Abrahamic Traditions (Palgrave MacMillan, November 2009).

James Kay has contributed a lead essay—dedicated to Charles Bartow on his recent retirement from PTS—to Slow of Speech and Unclean Lips: Contemporary Images of Preaching Identity (Cascade Books, January 2010). The publication also includes a foreword by PTS alumnus Thomas Long (’80D), and essays from Anna Carter Florence (’88B, ’00D), John McClure (’84D), and Andre Resner (’88B, ’98D).

Bruce McCormack has coedited Theology as Conversation: The Significance of Dialogue in Historical and Contemporary Theology (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, May 2009).

Leong Seow is coeditor for the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament portion of the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, projected to be a thirty-volume work covering all aspects of the Bible and its history of interpretation and reception. Christine Yoder (’94B, ’00D) is area editor for Wisdom Literature and several members of the faculty are contributors to the first two volumes, which were just recently published.

Richard Young has edited India and the Indianness of Christianity: Essays on Understanding—Historical, Theological, and Bibliographical—In Honor of Robert Eric Frykenberg [Studies in the History of Christian Missions], (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, October 2009).