Each year we receive about two hundred applications for admission to Princeton Seminary's Ph.D. program. Of these we are able to offer admission to fewer than ten percent. There are many factors involved in the admissions process and decisions are based upon multiple criteria. The rules of confidentiality do not permit us to make any specific comments about the strengths and weaknesses of individual applications.

PTS TempletonRe-applications are permitted (a maximum of one reapplication), but are rarely successful without additional work in the subject area and/or in modern or ancient languages depending on prior study.

Here are instructions for required and optional components of a reapplication:

  1. required: complete again the basic on line application
  2. required: application fee as shown on website
  3. required: new, updated personal statement (part of on line application)
  4. required: new academic paper in proposed field of study
  5. required (if applicable) : transcript showing any academic work completed since time of previous application
  6. required: updated denominational endorsement
  7. optional: new or revised letters of recommendation based on additional academic work completed
  8. optional: scores from new TOEFL or GRE test. (In general, a new test is less important if the TOEFL scores were above 26 with a TWE of 5.5 or better; or GRE with 90th percentile or higher in the verbal and 80th percentile or higher in the analytic sections or 6.0 on the AWA). If your TOEFL will be more than two years old as of December 15, or your GRE more than five years old, you must retake the test.