1.           Review the PTS field education program overview.

2.           Review the International Field Education program description and the list of placements.

3.           Attend the International Field Education seminar in the fall.

4.           Obtain the PC (USA) information by visiting their website at http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/yav/.

5.           Consult with your Field Education advisor to discuss how an international placement or internship might fit with your vocational goals and to address any additional issues.

6.           Complete the application to the International Field Education Program. Applications will not be accepted after October 19th.  Only “completed” applications will be read.

7.           Selection for international field education is based on applications, interviews, and selection criteria. Decisions will be made no later than November 2nd.  If you are not selected, discuss the advisability of re‐applying with your field education advisor.

8.           Successful candidates will be contacted by the Office of Field Education to interview with site supervisors by phone. They will make the final decision as to who will be selected.

9.           By November 30th, international summer field education placements must be finalized. The selection date for yearlong internships varies but placements must be finalized by April 1.

10.      Keep your field education advisor informed throughout the process.

11.      A schedule of the mandatory international program orientation sessions can be found on page 6. Arrange your schedule to attend this most important aspect of the entire process.


Note: Applications must be typed. They will be sent to international sites as received.

Download  Application 2012-13