Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
The Master of Divinity is the basic professional degree for ministry, and is designed to prepare students for the parish ministry, for graduate study in theology and related disciplines, for various types of chaplaincy, for mission work at home and abroad, and for other forms of church vocation. The curriculum is planned to provide the flexibility and independence consonant with a broad theological foundation. Under full-time study, the M.Div. program takes three years to complete. More info.

Master of Arts (M.A.)
The two-year program for the Master of Arts includes basic studies in Bible, theology, church history and practical theology. Students may emphasize Christian education or youth ministry in their course of study. The program emphasizes theory and practice for the educational ministry of the church and it also attends to the philosophical, cultural, developmental, and procedural dimensions of discipleship formation. The M.A. is designed to prepare students for administering Christian religious education or youth ministry in parish and institutional settings; to provide training for teaching the Christian religion in church or secular schools; and to afford an opportunity for specialized preparation for youth ministry. It is not a degree earned as preparation for doctoral studies. More info.

Dual Degree (M.Div. and M.A.)
Persons who at the time of application know that they wish to pursue a combined Master of Divinity and Master of Arts program may be admitted to candidacy for the both degree simultaneously. Pursued over a period of four years, the studies are coordinated from the out set to integrate preparation for ministry in the church with either a Christian education or a youth ministry specialization. Although requirements for the two degrees are unchanged, an integrated pattern of advisement enables the student to attain greater proficiency in theological studies as related to educational understanding and practice than would be possible were the degrees to be pursued in sequence. Students admitted to the consolidated program after matriculation at Princeton Seminary will not receive the same financial aid and housing benefits as those persons who are admitted to the Seminary as candidates in the dual degree program. A decision to discontinue the program, once admitted, will not guarantee that either degree separately may be concluded in what otherwise might be the standard time. More info.

Master of Theology (Th.M.)
The program of studies for the degree of Master of Theology is designed for students who wish to improve or deepen their preparation for ministry beyond the level reached by their M.Div. course, or who desire to acquire a preparation for specialized ministries of the church. It is normally earned in one year of study. More info.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
The Princeton Seminary Ph.D. program is designed to equip men and women for independent scholarship and for teaching in colleges and seminaries in various dimensions of the study of religion. Programs are offered in 13 fields of study, organized into 5 broad areas.