In October 2012, Theology Today—Princeton Theological Seminary’s peer-reviewed, theological quarterly—will publish a special issue celebrating PTS’s Bicentennial. The bicentennial issue highlights PTS’s colorful and influential history in order to cast a light into its future. In this special issue, readers can:

  • Learn from the seminary’s early faculty in Marion Ann Taylor’s “Can These Dry Bones Live? Princeton’s Legendary Nineteen-century Old Testament Professors and What They Can Teach Us Today.”
  • Delve into the PTS’s complicated past through James H. Moorhead’s “Slavery, Race, and Gender at Princeton Seminary: The Pre-Civil War Era.”
  • Receive prophetic inspiration from Luke A. Powery’s “Echoes of a ‘Simple Faith’: The Present Resonance of the Past Proclamation of the Reverend Edler Garnet Hawkins.”
  • Experience the triumphs and struggles of women at PTS through Freda Gardner and Katharine Doob Sakenfeld’s “In the Beginning Male and Female, Then She Came to Seminary: A History of Women at Princeton Theological Seminary.”
  • Ponder the vocation of a theologian with Daniel L. Migliore’s “George S. Hendry: Bicentennial Reflections on His Theological Legacy.”
  • Reconsider interfaith dialogue through the life of a Syrian Christian scholar in Richard Fox Young’s “Obliged by Grace: Edward Jurji’s Legacy in the History of Religions at Princeton Theological Seminary, 1939-77.”
  • Get a taste of recent PTS faculty publications and new books touching upon the Seminary’s history through our book reviews.

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