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Bowlin, John  Ruth and Rimmer DeVries Associate Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life

Curriculum Vitae


Degrees Earned:

Ph.D., 1993 Princeton University

M.A., 1987 Princeton University

M.Div., 1985 Union Theological Seminary, New York

B.A., 1981 St. Olaf College


Areas of Specialization:

Christian Moral Theology (history and problems); Moral Philosophy (history and problems);

Contemporary Social Ethics and Criticism; Modern Religious Thought


Professional Experience:

Rimmer and Ruth de Vries Associate Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life,

Princeton Theological Seminary, 2007-

Associate Professor of Religion, University of Tulsa, 1998-

Director, University Honors Program, University of Tulsa, 2001-2004

Assistant Professor of Religion, University of Tulsa, 1990-1997


Professional Memberships:

American Academy of Religion

Society of Christian Ethics

American Political Science Association


Honors, Awards, and Fellowships:

Henry Luce III Fellowship, 2010-2011

Senior Fellow, Emory University, Center of the Study of Law and Religion, 2006-2010

Visiting Scholar, Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program, 2006

Lilly Endowment/Louisville Institute, Christian Faith and Life Sabbatical Grant, 2004-2005

Oklahoma Humanities Council Scholar Research Grant, 2003

Excellence in Teaching Award, Arts and Sciences, University of Tulsa, 1996

Faculty Development Summer Fellowship, University of Tulsa, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2006

Multicultural Course Development Fellowship, University of Tulsa, 1992

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, 1989-90

Mellon Foundation Humanities Prize, Princeton University, 1988-89

Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, 1988

Princeton University Fellowship, 1985-89

Travelling Fellowship, Union Theological Seminary, 1985 (the seminary's highest academic

honor for a graduating senior)

Merit Fellow, Union Theological Seminary, 1982-85

Phi Beta Kappa, 1981



Contingency and Fortune in Aquinas's Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999)

(Reviewed in Ethics, Mind, Modern Theology, Journal of Theological Studies, Pro Ecclesia,

Scottish Journal of Theology, Journal of Religious Ethics, Review of Metaphysics, Religious

Studies Review, The Thomist)


Books, Forthcoming and In Progress:

On Tolerance and Forbearance: Moral Inquiries Natural and Supernatural (under review, Princeton University Press)

Counting Virtues: the Difference that Transcendence Makes (under contract, Oxford University



Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

"Aquinas on Virtue and the Goods of Fortune," Thomist 60:4 (October 1996): 537-570

"Health, Fortune and Moral Authority in Medicine," Christian Bioethics2:1 (1996): 42-65

"Representation and Reality in the Study of Culture," (with Peter Stromberg) American

Anthropologist 99:1 (March 1997): 123-134

"Rorty and Aquinas on Courage and Contingency," Journal of Religion 77/3 (July 1997): 402-


"Augustine on Justifying Coercion," Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 17 (1997): 49-70 (Reprinted in Augustine and Modern Law, eds., Richard Brooks and James Murphy (Surrey: Ashgate, 2011).17 (1997): 49-70

"Psychology and Theodicy in Aquinas," Medieval Philosophy and Theology 7/2 (1998):125-152

"Sieges, Shipwrecks, and Sensible Knaves: Justice and Utility in Butler and Hume,” Journal of

Religious Ethics 28/2 (2000): 253-280

“Comment on Charles Mathewes’s ‘Agency, Nature, Transcendence, and Moralist: A Review of

Recent Work in Moral Psychology’” Journal of Religious Ethics 28/3 (2000): 473-477

“Nature, Grace, and Toleration: Civil Society and the Twinned Church,” Annual of the Society of

Christian Ethics 21 (2001): 85-104

“Contemporary Protestant Thomism,” inAquinas As Authority, vol. VII, Publications of the

Thomas Instituut Utrecht, eds. Paul Van Geest, Harm Goris, Carlo Leget (Leuven: Peeters,

2002): 235-251

“Virtue and Moral Realism,” Nova et Vetera 2/1 (2004): 169-182.

“Parts, Wholes, and Opposites: John Milbank as GeisteshistorikerJournal of Religious Ethics

32/2 (2004): 257-269.

“Nature’s Grace: Aquinas and Wittgenstein on Natural Law and Moral Knowledge,” in

Grammar and Grace: Reformulations of Aquinas and Wittgenstein, eds. Jeffrey Stout and Robert

MacSwain (London: SCM Press, 2004): 154-174.

“Tolerance Among the Fathers,” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 26/1 (2006): 3-36.

“Some Thoughts on Doing Theology in Public,” Princeton Seminary Bulletin, 28/3 (December

2007): 235-243.

“Here the Shoe Pinches: Kuyper, Tolerance, and the Virtues,” in Kuyper Center Review, volume

1, Politics, Religion, and Sphere Sovereignty, ed. Gordon Graham (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans,

2010): 117-137.

“Just Democracy, Just Church: Hauerwas and Coles on Radical Democracy and Christianity,” Scottish Journal of Theology 64/1 (January 2011): 80-95.

“Barth and Werpehowski on War, Presumption, and Exception,” in Commanding Grace: Studies in Karl Barth’s Ethics, ed. Daniel Migliore (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2010): 83-95.


“Augustine Counting Virtues,” Augustinian Studies 41/1 (2010): 277-300.

“Hell and the dilemmas of intractable alienation,” in Augustine’s City of God: A Critical Guide, ed. James Wetzel (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012): 186-204

“Teaching the Theology and Practice of Broad Based Community Organizing,” (with Jarrett Kerbel) International Journal of Public TheologyM 6 (2012) 483–486. (Reprinted in Yours the Power: Faith-Based Organizing in the USA, ed. Katie Day, Esther McIntosh, and William Storrar (Leiden: Brill, 2012).

“Barth and Aquinas on Election, Relationship, and Requirement,” in Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth: An Unofficial Catholic-Protestant Dialogue, ed. Bruce McCormack and Thomas Joseph White (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013): 237-261.

“Proclaiming the Gospel, Preaching the Public,” Theology Today 70 (April 2013): 9-15.

“Elevating and Healing: Reflections on Summa Theologiae 109.2,” Journal of Moral Theology 3/1 (2014): 39-53.

“A Sacrifice Bunt,” Christian Century (April 2014)


Professional Presentations:

"Courage, Contingency, and Rorty on the Rescue of the Danish Jews," 23rd Annual Scholars'

Conference on the Holocaust and the German Church Struggle, Tulsa, OK, March, 1993

"Aquinas on the Goods of Fortune and the Large Scale Virtues," Society of Christian Ethics

Annual Meeting, Chicago, January, 1994

"Health, Fortune, Fortune and Moral Authority in Medicine," Southwest Regional AAR, Dallas,

March, 1994

Respondent to three papers on Bioethics, Southwest Regional AAR, Dallas, March, 1995

"Theodicy and Psychology in Augustine and Aquinas," Southwest Regional AAR, Dallas,

March, 1996

Roundtable on Michael J. Sandel, Democracy's Discontent, Oklahoma Political Science

Association, Tulsa, November, 1996

"Augustine on Justifying Coercion," Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, Cincinnati,

January, 1997

"Philosophy in Fides et Ratio," Catholic Theology Interest Group, Society of Christian Ethics

Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January, 1999

“Two Varieties of Natural Law Minimalism: Rethinking Aquinas and Wittgenstein” and

“Realism, Anti-Realism, and Cultural Difference,” Department of Philosophy,

University of Bucharest, Romania, May 2000

“Protestant Thomism in the Twentieth Century,” Thomas Instituut te Utrecht, Congress 2000,

Leusden, The Netherlands, December 2000

“Nature, Grace, and Toleration,” Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, Chicago, January,


Breakfast Session on Contingency and Fortune in Aquinas’s Ethics, Society of Christian Ethics

Annual Meeting, Chicago, January, 2001

“Postmodernist Bourgeois Thomism,” Philosophy and Theology Departments, Gonzaga

University; “Aquinas and Wittgenstein on Natural Law and Moral Knowledge,” Gonzaga

University Law School, November 2002

“Nature’s Grace: Aquinas and Wittgenstein and Natural Law,” Keynote Address, Wester

Philosophy Conference, Oklahoma State University, March 2003

“How to We Respond to Evil?” NCCJ Interfaith Trialogue Series, February 2004

“Tolerance Among the Fathers,” Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, Miami, January,


“Churches, Clubs, & Cockfights: Civil Society and the Sources of Tolerance,” University of

Richmond, February 2005

“Tolerance Among the Virtues,” Florida State University, February 2006

“Tolerance and Discontent,” OSLEP Lecture, University of Tulsa, March 2006

“Augustine on Coercion and Forbearance,” Villanova University, March 2007

“Shrugs and Laments in a Flourishing Life,” Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory

University, April 2007

“Some Thoughts on Doing Theology in Public,” Inaugural Lecture, Princeton Theological

Seminary, September 2007

“Just Democracy, Just Church: A Response to Hauerwas and Coles,” Society of Christian Ethics

Annual Meeting, Atlanta, January, 2008

“’Here the Shoe Pinches’: Kuyper, Tolerance, and the Virtues,” closing address, Kuyper Center

Conference on Kuyper and Civil Society, Princeton Theological Seminary, April 2008

“Creation, Recreation, and the Common Good,” Providence College, April 2008

“Imperfect Virtue, Imperfect Happiness,” Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory

University, April 2008

“Counting Virtues,” Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University, April 2009

“Augustine Counting Virtues,” Reconsiderations III, Villanova University, September 2009

“Aquinas on Maimonides: A Response to Kenneth Seekin,” Tikvah Project on Jewish Thought,

Princeton University, November 2009

“The Sermon on the Mount as Law: Aquinas on Matthew 5-7,” Center for Human Values,

Princeton University, February 2010

"Tolerance and Forbearance: Rethinking Christian Attitudes toward Difference," Institute of

Faith and Public Life, Princeton Theological Seminary, May 2010

“The Pursuit of Happiness in Interreligious Perspective,” Panel Presentation, Emory University,

October 2010

“Tolerance Among the Virtues,” Institute for Philosophy and Religion, Boston University, December 2010

"Modern Virtues,” Society of Christian Ethics Annual Meeting, New Orleans, January 2011

“Tolerance, Resentment, and Virtue,” Political Philosophy Colloquium, Politics Department, Princeton University, February 2011

“Barth and Aquinas on Election, Relationship, and Requirement,” Barth Conference, Princeton Theological Seminary, June 2011

“Tolerance Among the Virtues,” Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia, April 2012

“Tolerance and Forbearance,” Religion Department, University of Virginia. Plenary address at a conference “Democratic Piety? Theology and Ethics in a Post Secular Age.”

“Tolerance Among the Virtues,” Princeton University, Religion Department Seminar, April 2012

“What do we want a Natural Theory to do?: A Response to Jennifer Herdt and Hadley Arkes,” Conference on Natural Law and Protestantism in America, Princeton Theological Seminary, September, 2012

“Newman’s University, Ideology Critique, and the Work of Citizens," New York University, February 2013

Snuggs Lectures, University of Tulsa, March 2013 (“Covenants and Requirements: How Grace Becomes Law” and “Tolerance Among the Virtues”)

“Democracy, Tolerance, Aquinas,” Religion and Politics Sections, Annual Meeting of the AAR, November 2014

“Teaching the Theology and Practice of Broad Based Community Organizing,” Annual Meeting of the AAR, November 2014

“Denis Turner’s Aquinas,” Princeton University, February 2014

“Augustine and Hegel, Mathewes and Redding,” Princeton University, March 2014


Church Presentations

First Presbyterian Church, Tulsa

Trinity Episcopal, Tulsa

Nassau Presbyterian, Princeton

St. Martin’s in the Field, Philadelphia

(multiple presentations at each)

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago


Encyclopedia Entrees

“Aristotelianism” in Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology, eds. David Fergusson, Karen

Kilby, Ian MacFarland, and Iain Torrance (Cambridge, 2011)


Book Reviews:

Book Notes review of James Nelson, The Intimate Connection: Male Sexuality, Male

Spirituality, in Religious Studies Review, 15/3 (July 1989).

Book Notes review of Brad Inwood, Ethics and Human Action in Early Stoicism, in Religious

Studies Review, 16/4 (October 1990).

Book Notes review of John Kilcullen, Sincerity and Truth: Essays on Arnauld, Bayle, and

Toleration, in Religious Studies Review, 17/4 (October 1991).

Review of Jean Porter, Recovery of Virtue: The Relevance of Aquinas for Christian Ethics, in

 Theology Today, 49/1 (April, 1992): 88-91.

Review of Stanley Hauerwas, Against the Nations: War and Service in a Liberal Society, in

Ethics (October, 1994).

Book Notes Review of Bonnie Kent, Virtues of the Will: The Transformation of Ethics in the

Late Thirteenth Century, in Religious Studies Review, 23/1 (January 1997).

Review of G. Scott Davis, Warcraft and the Fragility of Virtue: An Essay in Aristotelian Ethics,

in Religion, 27/3 (July 1997): 288-289.

Book Notes Review of Roger Crisp (ed.), How Shall We Live?: Essays on the Virtues, in

Religious Studies Review, 23/4 (October 1997).

Review of G. Simon Harak (ed.), Aquinas and Empowerment: Classical Ethics for Ordinary

Lives in Ethics 109/3 (April 1999): 695-696.

Review of Diana Fritz Cates, Choosing to Feel: Virtue, Friendship, and Compassion for Friends

in Modern Theology 15/1 (January 1999): 106-107.

Book Notes Review of Anthony J. Lisska, Aquinas's Theory of Natural Law: An Analytic

Reconstruction in Religious Studies Review 25/1 (January 1999): 65.

Review of Stephen L. Brock, Action and Conduct: Thomas Aquinas and the Theory of Action in

 The Thomist 63/4 (October, 1999): 655-659.

Review of Eldon Eisenach, The Next Religious Establishment: National Identity and Political

Theology in Post-Protestant America in The Tulsa World (24 September 2000)

Book note review of William Cavanaugh, Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire in

Theology Today (forthcoming)

Review of Matthew Levering, Biblical Natural Law: A Theocentric and Teleological Approach

in Studies in Christian Ethics 23/3 (August 2011):


Reviews, Forthcoming and in Progress

A review essay of Jean Porter’s work on Natural law and moral theology, solicited by the JRE

and due Summer 2013.


Courses Taught, University of Tulsa

Explaining Religion

Christian Ethics and Modern Society

God and Human Suffering

Studies in Religious Conversion and Experience

Friendship and Love


Resistance, Rebellion, and Death

Aquinas on Virtue and Vice

Toleration and Moral Diversity


Plato and the Greek Polis

Philosophy, War, and Law in Ancient Greece


Courses Taught, Princeton Theological Seminary

Ethics and the Problem of Evil

Friendship, Love, and Justice

Christian Ethics and Modern Times

War and Christian Conscience

Aquinas on Virtues and Laws

Contemporary Moral Theology

Trajectories in Neo-Calvinism

Augustine on Ethics and Politics

Aquinas on the Spirit

Election and Ethics in Church Dogmatics II/2 (with B. McCormack)

Theology and Practice of Broad Based Community Organizing (with Fr. Jarrett Kerbal)


Doctoral Students

Principal adviser:

Anthony Bateza, “Becoming a Living Law:Justice, Equity and Freedom in the Ethics of Martin Luther ”

David Decosimo, “Thomas Aquinas and the Virtues of the Outsider” (PU/Religion, 2011)

Emily Dumler-Winckler, “Mary Wollstonecraft and the Virtues of Recognition: An Uncommon ‘Common Good’”

Adam Eitel, “Thomas Aquinas and the Reasons of Love”

Cambria Kaltwasser, “Karl Barth on Judgment, Responsibility, and Human Agency”

John Rose, “The Virtuous Mind”

Sarah Stewart-Kroeker, “The Pavement Under Our Feet: Pilgrimage and Christology in 9 Augustine’s Theology”

Derek Woodard-Lehman, “Modernism as a Theological Problem”
On committee:

Sigurd Baark (Spring, 2013)

William Barnett

John Boopalan

Matthew Bruce

C.J. Dickson, “The Spirit and the Letter”

James Foster, “Thomas Reid’s Rational Justification of Objective Moral Norms through Discursive Social Practice” (Fall, 2012)

Davey Henreckson, (PU/Religion Dept.)

Phillip Helsel, “Father Hunger” (PTS/Pastoral Theology, 2012)

Yoshiyuki Kato, “Deus sive Natura: The Dutch Controversy over the Radical Concept of God, 1660-1690”

Michael Lamb (PU/Politics Dept.)

Gustavo Maya (PU/Religion Dept.)

Daniel Peterson

Nate Van Yperen, “The Nature of Gratitude: Religion, Wilderness, and Human Flourishing” (Spring, 2013)

Melanie Webb, ““On Lucretia who slew herself”: Augustine on Torture and Agency”


Independent Studies, PTS

Eddie Martin, “Bonhoeffer and King,” 2009

Greg Thogmartin and Randy Roberts, “Just War in Christian Context,” 2009

Will Rush and Drew Harmon, “Aquinas’s Commentary on Aristotle’s Ethics,” 2009

Nicole Rienstra, “Modern Papal Social Thought,” 2009

Four doctoral students and four M.Div.’s, “Aquinas on the Spirit,” 2010

John Owen, “Modern Military Chaplaincy,” May 2010

Kai-Li Chui, “Confucian Ethics,” Spring 2010


Professional Service Activities

Program Committee, Society of Christian Ethics, 2005-2006

Editorial Board, Journal of Religious Ethics, 2003-2015

Senior Editor Search Committee, JRE, 2009-2010

Editorial Board Nominating Committee, JRE, 2010-2012

Editorial Board, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 2001-2005

Nominating Committee, Society of Christian Ethics, 2001-2002

Referee, Journal of Religion, 1997-
              Journal of Religious Ethics, 1997-2003
              Thomist, 1997-
              Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, 1997-
              Journal of the History of Ideas, 2005
              Studies in Christian Ethics, 2009-

Manuscript Reviewer, Catholic University America of Press, 2000
                                   Cambridge University Press, 2001, 2002, 2003
                                   Eerdmans, 2001, 2003
                                   Princeton University Press, 2005, 2006
                                   University of Chicago Press, 2007
                                   Oxford University Press, 2008
                                   Blackwell, 2012

External Reader, qualifying exams, Duke University Dept. of Religion, Fall 2001

Editor, Special Focus on John Milbank’s Moral Theology, Journal of Religious Ethics 32/2 (Summer 2004)

External Reviewer for Tenure cases at Northwestern (2000), Indiana/Purdue (2005), Princeton University (2008), Yale (2009), Georgia State (2009), Villanova (2009), Claremont School of Theology (2010), Duquesne University (2011).

Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Law and Religion, Emory University 2006-2010

Faculty Liaison, Institute of Faith and Public Life, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2009-

Faculty, Science of Ministry Institute, Princeton Theological Seminary, 2010-

External Reviewer, Kluge Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Studies that Advance Humanity, Library of Congress, 2012


Civic Service Activities

Hillcrest Medical Center Institutional Review Board, 1992-1999

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center-Tulsa Institutional Review Board, 1995-2000

Frequent lecturer at local churches and interfaith groups (Tulsa, Central NJ).

Little League Baseball Coach, 2001-2006

____________________________ _________________________________

The University of Tulsa Service Activities

Department Advising Liaison to Religion Majors, 1990-2000

Religion Department Library Liaison, 1990-2004

Chair, Snuggs Lectureship, 1990-2001

Conference Executive Committee, "Pragmatism and the Politics of Culture," 1992-1993

Kendall College of Arts and Sciences BDM Committee, 1993

Women's Studies Program Review Committee, 1993

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 1993-2000

Phi Beta Kappa Committee on Members in Course, 1993-2000

Rhodes/Marshall Scholarship Selection and Interview Committees, 1993-

Lecture/Conversation, Rhodes/Marshall Scholarship Nominees, October 1994

Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on Student Affairs, 1994

Chair, Women's Studies Program Interim Director Search Committee, 1994

First Year Student Adviser, 1994-1995

Executive Committee, College of Arts and Sciences, 1994-1996

Warren Chair in Catholic Studies Search Committee, 1995

Bell Distinguished Visiting Professor, Anglican/Ecumenical Studies Search Committee, 1995

Panel Moderator, TU International Conference, 1996

Reader, Women's Studies Summer Fellowship Proposals, 1996

University Senate, 1996-1999

Chair, By-Laws Committee, University Senate, 1996

Panelist, "Diverse Perspectives," Multicultural Studies Colloquium, 1996

Panelist, Kendall Fellows Forum on Teaching, 1996

Historian, Phi Beta Kappa, 1997-1998

Kendall Teaching Fellows Selection Committee, 1997

Kendall College Excellence in Teaching Award Committee, 1997-1998

Ad hoc Committee on the College Teaching Award, 1997

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Search Committee, 1997

Phi Alpha Theta/History Club Lecture, "A Short History of the Will," March 1998

Member, Professor Kerry Strayer's Fourth Year Review Committee, September 1998

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on the State of the College of Arts and Sciences, 1998

Vice President, Phi Beta Kappa, 1999-2000

Habitat for Humanity Site Coordinator, Service Day, Student Orientation, August 1999

Acting Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Spring 2000

Member, Professor Jeffrey Hockett’s Post-Tenure Review Committee, Spring 2000

Honors Program Selection Committee, 2000-2004

President, Phi Beta Kappa, 2000-2001

Lecturer, Arts and Sciences TURC Seminar, Summer 2000

Presenter, Sharp Colloquy on the Human Genome Project, September 2000

Organized the visit of Prof. Ilie Parvu (Philosophy Dept., U of Bucharest), October 2000

Organized the Third John G. Gammie PBK Symposium, October 2000

Member, Nicholas Capaldi’s Review Committee, Spring 2001

Committee on Tenure and Promotion, College of Arts and Sciences, 2000-2002

Truman Scholarship Interview Committee, 2001

Member, Stephen Gardner’s 2nd year Review Committee, October 2001

Member, Russell Hittinger’s Review Committee, February 2002

Member, Search Committee for Dean of the College of Arts and Science, 2001-2002

Member, Search Committee for Assistant Professor of Philosophy, 2002-2003

Member, Michael Mosher’s Review Committee, Fall 2002

Member, Stephen Gardner’s 4th Year Review Committee, Fall 2003

Member, University Grievance Committee, 2002-2005

Member, Search Committee for Assistant Professor of English, 2003-2004

Chair, Stephen Gardner’s 6th Year Review Committee, Fall 2005

Member, David Goldstein’s 2nd Year Review Committee, Fall 2005

Member, Michael Mosher’s Post-Tenure Review Committee, Spring 2006

Chair, Jane Ackerman’s Post-Tenure Review Committee, Spring 2006

Lecturer, Student Leadership Conference, “Leadership and Lying,” Spring 2007

Chair, Russell Hittinger’s Post-Tenure Review Committee, Spring 2007

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Princeton Theological Service Activities

Masters’ Studies Committee, 2007-2009

Kuyper Center Advisory Board, 2007-

Chair, Kuyper Center Advisory Board, 2009-2010

Religion and Society Committee, 2007-

Ph.D. Studies Committee, 2009-

Blackboard Course Evaluation Taskforce, 2008-2009

Faculty Mentor, Teaching Ministry Program, 2008-2010, 2011-2012

Faculty Manual Working Group, 2009-2010

Chair, Upson Professor Search Committee, 2011-

Faculty Planning Committee, Spring 2012

Faculty member, Committee on Academic Affairs, PTS Board of Trustees, 2011-2012

Faculty member, Strategic Plan Workgroup on Doctoral Studies, Spring 2012

Member, Gordon Graham’s Peer Review, Spring 2012.

Annual Kuyper Conference Organizer, 2009, 2012, 2014

Editor, Kuyper Center Review, volumes II and IV

Co-convener (w/ G. Mikoski and Jeff Vamos), “Liturgy and Public Witness,” a cohort of 18 M.Div.’s, 2012-14

Member, Senior Scholar in New Testament Search, 2013

Respondent, General Assembly Moderator's 2nd Colloquium on Ecclesiology, December 2013