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Hunsinger, George

 Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology

Curriculum Vitae


George Hunsinger
165 Ross Stevenson Circle
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

1988 Ph.D Yale University
1977 M.Phil.  Yale University
1977 M.A.  Yale University
1971-72 Tübingen University (DAAD)
1971 B.D. Harvard Divinity School, cum laude
1967 A.B. Stanford University, Honors in Humanities.
1982 Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
2001- McCord Professor of Systematic Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary.
1997-2001 Director, Center for Barth Studies, Princeton Theological Seminary.
1994-97 Member, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton.
1992-94 Professor of Theology, Bangor Theological Seminary.
1988-92 Associate Professor of Theology, Bangor Theological Seminary.
1986-88 Assistant Professor of Theology, Bangor Theological Seminary.
1984-85 Assistant Professor of Theology, New Brunswick Theological Seminary.
1979-84 Instructor in Theology, New Brunswick Theological Seminary.
1978-79 Theologian in Residence, Riverside Church Disarmament Program (NYC).
1973-75 Volunteer Teacher, Benhaven School for Autistic Children, New Haven, CT.
1969-70 Harvard Urban Fellows Program (Summers).
1967-68 Teacher, New York Urban League Street Academy Program (Bedford-Stuyvesant).
1966 Intern, California Farmworker Ministry, Delano, CA. (Summer).


American Academy of Religion
Duodecim Theological Society
American Theological Society
New Haven Theological Discussion Group
Yale-Washington Theology Group
Karl Barth Society of North America
International Bonhoeffer Society  

2001- Princeton Theological Seminary.
2000 Princeton University, Visiting Professor.
1997-2004 Andover Newton Theological School, Visiting Professor. Intensive courses offered every January and June.
1993-94 Baptistische Theologische Hochschule. Rüschlikon, Switzerland. Research Professor.
1986-93 Bangor Theological Seminary.
1979-85 New Brunswick Seminary.
1979-83 New York Theological Seminary.
1983-85 Auburn Theological Seminary. Adjunct.
1985 Haverford College, Visiting Professor.
1979 Union Theological Seminary (NYC), Visiting Professor.
2011-2017 Delegate, Reformed/Roman Catholic International Dialogue (Sponsored by the World Communion of Reformed Churches, Geneva and the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, Rome) (On justification and the sacraments)
2006 Founder, National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT).
2006-present Board Member, NRCAT
2004-2005 Coordinator, Church Folks for a Better America. (Forerunner of NRCAT)
2003-2008 Faith and Order Commission (USA)
2003- President, Karl Barth Society of North America (KBSNA).
1997-2002 Program Chair. KBSNA.
1997-present Karl Barth Student Reading Group. Informal, noncredit course that ran on Monday evenings for the first six weeks of each term.
1995-98 Member. Special Committee to Write a New Presbyterian Catechism. The catechisms, of which I was the principal author, were approved by the 210th General Assembly of the PCUSA in June 1998. Now translated into five languages, including Spanish and Chinese.
1995-present Adult Bible Study Leader (weekly, except for the summers). Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton, NJ.
2010 Karl Barth Prize Union of Evangelical Churches, Germany.
2006 Bishop James K. Matthews Award Churches' Center for Public Policy, Washington, DC.
2006 Annual Award (on behalf of NRCAT) Bellvue /NYU Torture Survivor Program, New York City.
2005 Annual Recognition Award Coalition for Peace Action, Princeton, NJ.
2001 Mitch Snyder Award First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Cambridge, MA.
Conferences Organized at Princeton Theological Seminary
2014 Barth, Jews and Judaism
2013 Hans W. Frei (1922-1988): The Future of His Legacy
2013 Barth in Dialogue: Encounters with Major Figures
2006 Torture, International Law and Human Rights
2006 Thy Word Is Truth: Barth on Scripture
2002- Annual Teach-In, Princeton Theological Seminary. Every Fall Term. To raise awareness about the war and torture.
1999 For the Sake of the World: Karl Barth and the Future of Ecclesial Theology



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The Beatitudes Paulist Press, 2014

Evangelical, Catholic and Reformed: Essays on Barth and Other Themes Wm B. Eerdmans, forthcoming 2015

In Press:
The Beatitudes Paulist Press, 2014
Evangelical, Catholic and Reformed: Essays on Barth and Other Themes Wm B. Eerdmans, 2015

In Process: Conversatoinal Theology: Essays on Ecumenical, Postliberal, and Political Themes, with Special Reference to Karl Barth T.&.T. Clark, 2015
Theological Commentary on Philippians Brazos Press, 2015
Christian Doctrine: A Concise Introduction Oxford University Press, 2016

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ESSAYS 2012-14

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2007- National Religious Campaign Against Torture. Washington, DC
2003-2008 Coalition for Peace Action. Princeton, NJ
2000- Editorial Board. Studies in Karl Barth Series. Ashgate Publishing Ltd.
1998-2008 Editorial Board. Scottish Journal of Theology.
1993-2004 Editorial Board. Pro Ecclesia
1992-96 National Board. Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.
1988- Executive Committee. Karl Barth Society of North America.
1987-89 Advisory Board. General Theological Center. Portland, Maine.
1985-90 Editorial Board. Katallagete.
1985-89 Editorial Board. North/South Dialogue.
1985-93 Board of Directors. American Christians for the Abolition of Torture.
1983-86 Executive Committee. Narrative Interpretation and Theology Group.
American Academy of Religion.
PRESENTATIONS (select list)
2014 Guest Lectures at St. Andrews University (2) & Edinburgh University
2013 Guest Lecture at the University of Notre Dame.
2013M Lecutre on Frei's Early Christology. Princeton Frei Conference.
2013 Lectures on the Heidelberg Catechism.
Conferences in Emden (March) and Frankfurt (July).
2011 Keynote Lecture
Kirchentag, Dresden (June)
2011 "Karl Barth and Human Rights"
Acceptance Speech on the occasion of receiving the Karl Barth Prize.
Dresden, Germany. (June)
2010 Symposium on The Eucharist and Ecumenism. September.
Ecumenical Institute, Strasbourg.
2010 Lecture on The Eucharist and Ecumenism. September.
Basel University. Switzerland.
2010 Presentation on Torture: Mobilizing the Religious Communities. July.
Netroots Nation. Annual Convention. Las Vegas.
2009 Invited Public Lecture on Torture. December.
Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University.
2009 Presentation on Torture: The Work of NRCAT. December.
World Parliament of Religions. Melbourne.
2009 Dunning Lecture. October.
The Ecumenical Institute of Theology.
St. Mary's University and Seminary. Baltimore.
2009 International Calvin Conference in Geneva. May.
Calvin and His Influence: 1509-2009.
2009 Volos Theological Academy, Greece. Conference on Church and Culture. May.
2009 Templeton Symposium of Theologians and Physicists. Istanbul.
"Light From Light." April.
2008 International Barth Symposium. December.
University of Basel.
On the 40th Anniversary of Barth's Death.
2008 Respondent. Pauline Soteriology Group. November.
Society of Biblical Literature. Annual Meeting, Boston.
2008 National Conference. Theology and the Ten Commandments.
November. Wheaton College.
2008 National Summit on Torture: Religious Faith, Torture, and Our
National Soul. September.
Mercer University/Evangelicals for Human Rights.
2008 International Conference on John Owen. August.
Westminster College. Cambridge University.
2008 International Barth Symposium in Emden. May.
Karl Barth im europäischen Zeitgeschehen (1935-1950).
2007 Guest Lecture. Villanova Peace and Justice Center. October.
Villanova University.
2007 Ecumenical Advocacy Days. March.
Presentation on Torture. Washington, DC.
2006 Guest Lecture. November.
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs,
Harvard University.
2006 Annual Cynthia Clark Wedel Lecture. November
Churches' Center for Theology and Public Policy.
Washington, DC.
2006 National Conference: Karl Barth on Scripture. June.
Princeton Theological Seminary.
2006 National Calvin Colloquium. January.
Erskine Theological Seminary.
2006 National Conference: Theology, International Law and Torture. January.
Princeton Theological Seminary.
2005 Panel: A Public-Morality Framework for American Policy. October.
Eisenhower Foundation, Washington, DC.
2004 International Colloquy on Eucharistic Fellowship. June.
Institute for Ecumenical Research. Strasbourg.
2004 Mackinnon Lectures. October.
Atlantic School of Theology.
2003. Scottish Journal of Theology Lectures. October.
Aberdeen University, Scotland.
2003 Guest Lecture. October.
St. Andrews University, Scotland.
2003 Malan Nel Lectures. August.
University of Pretoria. South Africa.
2002 Would an Invasion of Iraq Be a "Just War"? December.
Religion and Peacemaking Workshop.
United States Institute of Peace. Washington, DC.
2002 National Conference on the Lutheran/Catholic Joint Declaration. July.
Luther Theological Seminary. St. Paul, Minnesota.
2001 Ecumenical Colloquium on the papal encyclical Dominus Jesus. May.
With Francis J. Sullivan and George A. Lindbeck.
Andover Newton Theological School.
2000/2001 Seminar Leader. Leuenberg Barth Conference, Switzerland. Each July.
Leuenberg, Switzerland.
2000 Society for the Study of Theology. April.
Annual Meeting. Oxford University.
2000 Calvin Studies Society. Bi-annual Meeting. January.
Columbia Theological Seminary. Georgia.
1999 Guest Lecture. October.
The Jesuit Institute. Boston College.
1999 International Conference on the Future of Reformed Theology.
September. Cambridge University.
1999 International Barth Conference. June.
Princeton Theological Seminary.
1999 Consultation on Reformed Theology. March.
University of Heidelberg. Germany.
1998-99 Numerous national and local events concerning the new Presbyterian
1990 Keynote Lecture. September.
Conference on "Hans Frei and the Future of Theology."
Victoria University. Toronto.
1989 Three Lectures in San Jose, Costa Rica. April.
(1) Presenter. Consultation of Theologians from the North and the South.
Sponsored by National Council of Churches in the USA.
(2) Mackay Lectureship. Seminario Biblico.
(3) Lecture at the National University.
1988 Consultation on Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Creation. July.
Paper on the church's mission in the nuclear age.
Geneva, Switzerland.
Commissioned by the World Alliance of Reformed Churches
in preparation for their 1989 General Assembly.
1986 Karl Barth Centennial Year (1886-1986)
Presentations at five national Barth conferences.
1985-90 Consultant for Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Outside Reader of various book-length manuscripts (four in all) on
topics related to nuclear war.

Christian Doctrine I & II
Classics in Christian Theology
Doctoral Seminars: Calvin; Barth; Frei; Doctrine of Trinity
Modern Christology
The Eucharist and Ecumenism
Justification by Faith Alone
Toward a Theology of Nonviolence
Holy Scripture and Modern Criticism
Theology and Church: Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Pentecostalism
Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Recent Reformed Theology
Reformed Dogmatics
Postliberal Theology
Nineteenth Century Religious Thought
Evil and the God of Love
Theology and Biblical Narrative
Current Issues in Disarmament
Recent Jewish Theology
Recent Feminist Theology
Latin American Liberation Theology
Environmental Theology
Introduction to Ethics I (Aristotle & J. Edwards)
Introduction to Ethics II (Kant & Kierkegaard)