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Wednesday, March 27

John 12:27-36  



Ruth-Aimée Belonni-Rosario Profile Pic
Ruth-Aimée Belonni-Rosario,
Assistant Director of Admissions

Re-read verses 27-28. Meditate and reflect on the reason why God called you to Princeton Theological Seminary. Do you feel troubled? Do you want God to "save" you from this "hour"? What do you see as the outcome for enduring this phase of your journey?


                   Be silent.

                                      Be still.




Say out loud, "Father/Mother, glorify your name"!

One more time, "Father/Mother, glorify your name"!

Prayer of Confession and Assurance:       "Shine on Me"  (See below the lyrics for Sing! A New Creation)[1]

Read the Scripture lesson one more time.

Read verses 35-36.

Let us pray:

God, this time of discernment, of learning, of being vulnerable, and uncertainty is difficult. Most times, I feel inadequate to serve you and to lead others toward you. I feel tempted to ask you for an escape route or worse, a shortcut. In my weakness and weariness give me strength and courage, show me mercy and love. In my doubt show your face to me and remind me that you alone are GOD. Let your Light shine my way until the day I die. May your Light guide my path, my studies, my relationships, my decision-making, my being. May your Light shine in me so that others may see You. Father/Mother God, thank you for your love, kindness, and mercy. Help me do so unto others. In the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer, we pray, Amen.

 Ruth-Aimée Belonni-Rosario, Assistant Director of Admissions

[1]Sing! A New Creation (Green Hymnal)

 Shine On



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