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Monday, March 25

John 12:9-19


We want to go from the Hosannas of Palm Sunday to the Hallelujahs of Easter morning, to bypass this week, this Holy Week. But this week, which we begin today, reveals the reality reflected in this passage from John, the reality of living in the tension. In John’s passage this is the reality of the deepening opposition to Christ by the Pharisees in the midst of the growing support by the crowds. Of Jesus knowing what awaits him in Jerusalem and still he journeys on. In our lives, this is the reality of truly loving Jesus while abandoning and denying him, just like the disciples. This tension is the reality of God loving us in spite of our brokenness, and in the ultimate expression of this love in the life and death of Christ. It is in this tension, which is so clearly reflected in Holy Week, that I find myself grounded and rooted in love. Holy Week grounds me in the pain and suffering of humanity, as experienced through Christ, and at the same time roots me in love, the unconditional love of God experienced through Christ’s saving death on the cross. As we move through this week may we be open to living in the tension.

Two poems by Ann Weems, “The Anointed One” and “From Hosanna to Horror the Only Road to Easter,” helped to form my thoughts and are from her book From Advent's Alleluia to Easter's Morning Light.

Buzzy LeCluyse, Seminary Deacon


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