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Thursday, March 14

Psalm 27


March 14 image
When I read Psalm 27, I cannot help but smile and feel at peace. This psalm is full of verses that speak to my heart, especially to specific situations I have experienced. Psalm 27 reassures me that God has and will always be above all. God has been the light that I yearn for when I found myself in darkness. When all I can think about was, “How will I get out of this?” and I feared for my life; yet God never left my side. God was protecting me all along: “He will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent” (v.5). I have no reason to fear because in spite of all the darkness we experience, God’s light will overcome and our hearts will be filled with confidence, never doubting that God is majestic.

The image I have chosen as part of my devotional is a lotus flower blossoming more and more as the light touches it. It is a representation of my life and what I picture when I read Psalm 27.

O Lord, you are my light, and my salvation. I will wait for you, and be strong.

Student Leader Gabriela Gaona


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