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Monday, March 11

Psalm 121



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While studying abroad in Rome during college, I had the chance to hike up Monte Circeo with an Italian nature group. This mountain was situated right by the coast, and to get to the summit, we had to cross a path that was about a foot and a half wide. If I looked left, I saw a cliff leading to trees. If I looked right, I saw a cliff leading to water. In that moment, I questioned my sanity. What was I doing?

All I could do was pray, and think about the beauty that awaited me. I mean, the Italian nature group wouldn’t hike this mountain if it wasn’t safe…right? Reading Psalm 121, I was reminded of this story. I was on the hill, and still I wondered, from where will my help come?

The peaks that we must overcome can seem daunting; we can imagine falling, failing at the tasks that we have been given. Ministry is a huge mountain of responsibility. Serving God requires climbing over a lot of barriers.

As we lift our eyes to those mountains in our ministries and our lives, let us remember the psalmist’s promise. With the Lord, our feet shall not be moved. With the Lord, we have a guardian who will keep our lives, who will walk on this journey with us. With God, all mountains can be climbed. This Lenten season, I encourage us to remain grounded in God, the source of our life and the giver of help.

Seminary Deacon Ann Elyse Hicks


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