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Tuesday, March 5

Psalm 34, Psalm 91


Rooted and Grounded in Love – In the midst of it all, praise God!

Reading the morning and evening psalm readings for today (Psalms 34 and 91, respectively), I was transported to song and hymnsings in my childhood. I was reminded that I learned many of these songs and hymns simply by repetition – as if I had nothing in my life experience that I could relate to them, whether for affirmation and comfort. Many years later, however, I am reminded that a life of hope and growing in faith many times has nothing to do with what I have learned in church at any immediate moment. Rather, faith serves as a reminder that growing in the knowledge of God and of community, seeking God’s wisdom and the experience of the community, will be our strength in moments we least expect. Many years later I can understand why it is that I learned this song and hymn. Perhaps not then, but most definitely now, this music and its lyrics remind me of the words of Psalms 34 and 91, providing strength, and affirmation, and comfort on my faith journey. And I pray – whether you only read them, or sing them, or play them on your favorite instrument – that they will be a source of encouragement for you, now and onward.

Rev. Amaury Tanon-Santos, Director of the Hispanic Leadership Program


Bendeciré al Señor
(based on Psalm 34.1-4)

Music and lyrics for the song would go here

El que Habita al Abrigo de Dios
(based on Psalm 91)

Music and lyrics for the song would go here

a translation:
1. She who lives in God’s refuge will abide under shadows of love;
no ill will overcome her and will live with joy under God’s wings

Oh, I want to abide in the shelter of God; only there will I find peace and profound love.
My delight is to enjoy communion with God and to worship his name evermore.

2. He who lives in God’s refuge will most certainly joyful be;
angels will keep him from harm and his feet will not dash.

3. She who lives in God’s refuge will forever be safe;
one thousand may fall, and ten thousand around, but death will not come near her.




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