Spiritual direction was a great blessing.  My director sat with me in silence and guided me through questions which helped me to be more aware of God’s presence and to get more clarity in spite of the hectic and demanding daily schedule at the seminary.  My time with spiritual direction enhanced my self-understanding, self-care, stress-management and vocational discernment.  I would definitely recommend direction to anyone.  (PTS ’09 alum)



Through direction I learned about gifts of discernment and peace within myself that I did not even realize I had.  For me, spiritual direction has been a healing journey back to what I was created to be, using materials from my everyday normal life.  I found that even when traditional methods of connecting with God did not seem to make sense, I was able to find a joyful center and be reminded about how deeply I am loved by God, all methods aside.  (PTS ’09 alum)




Spiritual Direction is not "instruction" and it does not presume to "direct" our faith, but rather is an experience of "deep listening" with a trained Spiritual Director, individually, or in community in Group Spiritual Direction.  Episcopal priest and spiritual leader, Margaret Guenther compares Spiritual Direction to "panning for gold."


We take all the stuff (smooth and rocky) of our lives and gently sift and shake, looking for the tiny slivers and sometimes big chunks of God's golden grace to be revealed.  In a group setting, led by a Spiritual Director, we allow the time in our busy seminary schedules to come together, to be still, to pray with others, and to experience the grace of our journey alongside the journeys of others. Group Spiritual Direction is a life line for me at seminary. It is key to my formation helping me to integrate classroom learning, prayer life and fellowship.  

(Nancy Hagner, 2013, was in a women’s spiritual direction group all three years at PTS.)




I absolutely appreciate my spiritual director.  Our time together has been so fruitful, I am so very blessed to have her as a fellow sojourner on my journey here at PTS.  I think EVERY student, every person actually, should have a spiritual director.  (PTS’12 alum)




Group spiritual direction helped ground me in the relationships to God and others that matter most, even in an academic climate where the focus on performance and future plans tugged at our minds and tried to claim our attention.” (Alison VanBuskirk, 2015)




"I am an evangelical Christian with a sincere commitment to take up my cross and follow Jesus.  Spiritual direction has been one part of that commitment.  I pursued spiritual direction before seminary, and it has proven to be very fruitful during seminary as well.  I was surprised at how much support and understanding I needed while undertaking theological studies.  God sent a spiritual director to minister to me, especially during the year-long field education.  Although my 3 years at seminary are over, I plan to keep in touch with my spiritual director in the future."

(Timothy Woods, 2014)