Men’s Group for Sobriety from Problematic Sexual Behavior 

This five-session confidential support/therapy group will help male students and male spouses get and maintain sobriety from sexual behavior that has a compulsive quality, such as viewing internet pornography. Participants will explore the relationship between behaviors, thoughts, and feelings; learn about defense mechanisms and the cycle of compulsivity; understand the role of the brain; and create and carry out a relapse prevention plan.  Psycho-education and group support reduce shame and guilt, increase empathy toward oneself and others, decrease social isolation, facilitate behavior management, and help with relationship healing.

The group will meet at a weekend time convenient to participants, beginning in November, in the Witherspoon Street office of facilitator Dr. Ralph Piper, who has led groups for PTS men before. The cost is $5/meeting for those in the SHBP, and $7 otherwise. Pay with a check to PTS for $30 or $42 or have the series billed to your student account. Financial aid is available.

To register, email [email protected] or call her confidential voicemail at 609-497-7891. Or email [email protected] or call him at 609-658-8645. The fee includes the cost of a 20 – 30-minute screening interview with Dr. Piper to help answer your questions and determine if this group is right for you. If after your phone or in-person screening interview you decide not to participate in the group, there is no charge.