Two new groups led by seasoned facilitators, Russell Healy, LCSW, and Whitney Ross, PhD, are available. A group process facilitates self-awareness and effective ways of relating, and provides valuable, practical training for CPE and future ministries. Standard PTS fees are billed to student accounts-- $5/session if in the SHBP; $7 otherwise. Groups last for 4 – 8 sessions and will overlap with the lunch hour. If interested, please fill out an availability form in the Office of Student Counseling, Scheide Hall.

Identity and Connection – Russ Healy

“Group therapy is a focused way to work on relational issues and build self-confidence. The therapist establishes an environment of safety and trust so that members can take some risks and give and receive valuable feedback. Wisdom is the therapeutic agent which develops when people with similar concerns and issues get together to help themselves and each other.”

Living in a Fishbowl: Exploring Positive as well as Problematic Social Dynamics -  Whitney Ross
“Is it comforting or dreadful (or both) to run into the same people several times a day -- in class, on the quad, in the dining hall? What is good about that and when do you experience conflict or discomfort?” What do you do/say when you're feeling awkward about multiple encounters? Come think through and discuss some of the complications and the benefits of living and working together on a small seminary campus. This group will focus on ways to engage with people openly and authentically while still being able to set limits and boundaries. We will discuss ways to maintain privacy while still feeling and being connected to the community.