“Emotional Intelligence” is required for optimal functioning and a satisfying life. Although our brains are still forming through our mid-twenties, we can continue to lay down new circuits throughout our lives as we learn and practice new thoughts and behaviors.

Led by the Director of Student Counseling, this non-credit seminar for both students and spouses, highlights practical implications from the exciting field of neuroscience. Sessions will focus on how our brain influences and is influenced by our thoughts, emotions and behavior. Participants will need to purchase Rewiring Your Brain, by John Arden, and be willing to participate in 'strategies for rewiring.'

Monday evenings,  March 25 – April 22
5:00 – 6:15 p.m.
Gambrell Room, Scheide Hall  

There is no fee, but regular attendance is expected. Register in in the Office of Student Counseling, Scheide Hall. 

Questions? Contact Nancy Schongalla-Bowman.