Two hundred years ago the founders of Princeton Theological Seminary wrote that it is to be a place that unites the “piety of the heart…with solid learning.” We who serve on the Chapel Office staff seek to create opportunities for students to grow personally and spiritually as they engage in seminary studies. Opportunities include participation in worship, music ministries, pastoral care, counseling, spiritual direction, holistic health initiatives, and much more. We invite you to explore the links and we welcome your inquiries in the Chapel Office, which is located in Scheide Hall.

A Spiritual Home

We hope that Miller Chapel becomes a spiritual home for you while you engage in Seminary studies. There are regular services of worship for the entire Seminary community, and the doors are open daily to all for personal reflection and prayer. There is a prayer box located in the narthex of the chapel. Please feel free to share what is on your heart and mind. Prayer requests will be read by the Minister of the Chapel and kept confidential.


Worship happens in many forms and in many places on our campus. In Miller Chapel, we hold regular worship services Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. when classes are in session. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated on Fridays throughout both semesters. Students are invited to participate in the Seminary Choir, which helps lead music during worship. Special services are also scheduled throughout the year, and can be found on the academic schedule and Seminary calendars. More info.

Pastoral Care

Recognizing that students at Princeton Seminary are often far from their home faith communities, the Minister of the Chapel, Jan Ammon, is available for pastoral care and support. This may include comfort in times of sorrow, prayer in times of need, and conversation about spiritual reflection and vocational discernment. Referrals for formal spiritual direction or counseling can also be made. The Minister of the Chapel coordinates the worship life of the chapel and is pastor to the students.

Counseling Services and Spiritual Direction

Nancy Schongalla-Bowman, the Director of Student Counseling, coordinates counseling services for students and spouses. Please refer to the student counseling web page and brochures for information about counseling, spiritual direction, retreats, and group opportunities for personal growth.


Students with musical talents and gifts are encouraged to contact Martin Tel, the Director of Music, about using these gifts in worship and/or in the Seminary Choir. Other ensembles, such as the Bell Choir, Gospel Choir, and instrumental groups, are generated by student initiative. The Chapel Office supports these groups and often schedules them for leadership in worship services. Practice rooms, located in the basement of Scheide Hall, are furnished with pianos and are available for student use. More info.