Degree Programs

Princeton Theological Seminary currently offers two master’s level degree programs to students wishing to focus part or all of their academic studies on youth ministry. In addition, a doctor of philosophy program in practical theology is available with an emphasis in youth ministry.

  • The Master of Arts (Youth Ministry) is a two-year program including courses in Bible, theology, church history, and practical theology with a special focus on the church's ministry with youth.
  • The Dual Degree Program is a four-year program in which students simultaneously obtain both the master of divinity and the master of arts (youth ministry) degrees. Students fulfill all requirements for both degrees over a four-year period. Financial aid and housing are available all four years.
  • The Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) in Practical Theology encourages students with a special interest in youth ministry to focus their work on issues related to youth, church and culture.
  • The Timothy Scholars Program is designed to prepare a cohort of qualified teaching scholars for emerging positions in practical and missional theology which focus on formation for ministry with young people. Timothy Scholars will customarily be located in practical theology but may be located in any academic discipline, and must demonstrate vocational interest in teaching in areas related to youth/young adult ministry. The Timothy Scholars Program is underwritten by the United Methodist-affiliated Foundation for Evangelism. The Timothy Scholars program is not taking new applicants at this time.
  • Living Case Study with Ministry Architects: In partnership with Ministry Architects, the Institute for Youth Ministry offers a unique, hands-on, continuing education opportunity for Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div/Dual Degree students in their third orfourth year. The student will travel to a church and join a Ministry Architects Lead Consultant for a three-day assessment of a church's youth or children's ministry. The assessment will help the church develop and implement sustainable systems and structures for youth or children’s ministry. Serving as a consultant will immerse the student in a living case study and provide perspective on the importance of systems and structures for healthy ministry. Following the assessment, the student will debrief the experience with the Ministry Architects Lead Consultant and with the Institute for Youth Ministry Ministry. For more information and an application, contact the Institute for Youth Ministry office