Certificate in Youth and Theology

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply to the program?

Anyone actively engaged in youth ministry, whether as pastor, youth pastor, youth ministry staff or volunteer.  Some have advanced degrees from a seminary, while others serve as youth directors or volunteers dedicated to youth ministry with varying educational backgrounds.


How many people are in each cohort?

A cohort is a peer group of individuals in the certificate program who begin at the same time.  The group typically consists of 20-25 people.


How long is the program?

20 months.  Some participants take longer due to extenuating circumstances, but it is typically completed in 20 months.  It must be completed within five years.


Can I finish the program in less than 20 months?

No.  Because the program is designed to develop ongoing relationships and encourage reflection while one works in youth ministry, it is important that the program be completed as designed.


How does the online classroom work?

You will use an online classroom to reflect theologically and practically on books read and case studies facilitated by a staff member.  This is especially effective because you have already met others in your cohort at the forums and retreats.


How does mentoring work?

After the forum and opening retreat, considering strengths and weaknesses from your formal assessment, IYM staff will work with you to find a mentor.  This relationship will last for 10 months, normally beginning with the second Forum where you will have the chance to meet your mentor.  


Further Questions?

Contact us at iym@ptsem.edu or 609-497-7914.  Chanon Ross or Dayle Rounds will be glad to talk with you.