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John Schendel Rose

PhD Candidate | Theology

John Schendel Rose
[email protected]

John's interests include Augustine, Aquinas, and Christian Ethics generally. His dissertation, "Until Our Minds Rest in Thee," concerns open-mindedness and intellectual diversity from philosophical and theological perspectives. Before coming to Princeton, John earned a Master of Theological Studies degree at Duke Divinity School. A native of Iowa, he and his wife Clare have three young sons.

John R. Bowlin (chair)
Ellen T. Charry
Paul Griffiths (Duke Divinity School)
Eric Gregory (reader, Princeton University)

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

PhD Student

Isaac Kim, Class of 2015

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to be charitable to views other than my own. Christian charity was shown to me, not just in the readings for class, but from the professors, and the Seminary community.”