George F. Rambow

PhD Candidate | History of Christianity (Early Christianity)

George F. Rambow
History & Ecumenics
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George F. Rambow received his BA in music from the University of North Texas and his MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. Before coming to Princeton he worked as a music director at a non-denominational church in Texas and then served for four years as a youth mentor and part-time church history and theology instructor at a church-based theology institute in La Plata, Argentina. More recently, he has worked as a teaching assistant at Princeton Seminary and as a research specialist at Princeton University, where he also has held teaching assistantships in both the religion and history departments. His research interests include: conversion and the Christianization of the Roman Empire; the transmission of ideas, texts, and practices across cultural and linguistic boundaries (particularly, the early and medieval Christian reception of Greek imaginative literature); the formation of canons, both biblical and literary; and the development and function of hagiography in late antiquity and the middle ages. George is also a candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Church.

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Select Publications

  • “The Function and Spirituality of Bonaventure’s ‘Treatise’ on the Miracles of St. Francis,” Franciscan Studies 75 (2017): 323-41.
  • “Theodore vs. the ‘Arians’ and the Parable of Humanity’s Creation: A Syriac Fragment of Theodore of Mopsuestia’s Commentary on Genesis 1.26,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 25.2 (2017): 231-54.

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