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Candice Marie Benbow

PhD Student | Religion & Society

Candice Marie Benbow
Religion & Society
[email protected]

Candice Benbow is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina and a graduate of Tennessee State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Africana Studies (2005). She also holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from North Carolina Central University (2009) and a Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School (2015). Currently, she is a Lecturer in Women's and Gender Studies at Rutgers University. In 2015, Candice created "Red Lip Theology", a movement to encourage young Black women to embrace their whole selves as good creation. Through “Red Lip Theology”, she merges theological ideals with beauty industry participation to celebrate Black women’s creativity and spirituality. Candice’s research interest lie at the intersections of Black feminist theory, womanist theology, and Black female sexuality.

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Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Pastor of Scottsboro Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Alabama

Micaiah Tanck, Class of 2015

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