As PTS moves forward, older buildings will be renovated and new buildings are being built. Our vision is to make these changes in the most ecologically responsible manner that we can. During renovations of existing dorms, PTS has taken a variety of efficiency measures, such the installation of water-saving toilets, infrared faucets, and low-flow showerheads. Future plans include newer windows to further reduce heating and cooling costs.

Family housing at PTS is currently undergoing major changes. The old CRW housing complex has been reimagined, and new units are currently moving toward the final phases of completion, with many already occupied by PTS students and their families. Materials from the old units will be recycled, and the land will be replanted with a variety of local species of trees and converted into a spacious park and natural area, abutting the Institute Woods. The new units are LEED certified, and feature geothermal heating and cooling systems, reducing utility costs and consumption for both PTS and residents.

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