PTS seeks to make the most ethically sound and ecologically responsible choices possible in respect to the sourcing of the products, materials, energy, and food that we consume. For example, as part of a concerted effort to reduce energy consumption on campus, past initiatives have included an ECOS-sponsored lightbulb exchange (see EDUCATION), installation of motion sensors in classrooms and dorms, and improvement of energy-efficient Sustainability Food Garden Studentlighting in those spaces. Digital controls also regulate heating and air conditioning units. Cleaning products are ethically sourced, and paper towels have been replaced by micro-fiber cloths.

In 2009, students at the CRW housing complex created the Seminary Community Garden, with support from the Housing Office. This space provides 24 individual garden plots to students and their families during April – October, and serves as a valuable site for community building and education.  In 2013, one plot was dedicated to herbs and flowers that the community at large were encouraged to use. After several years, the compost pile has successfully yielded enough compost to be placed back into the plots in the spring and fall.

Dining Services at PTS is administered through Aramark Food Services, which seeks to provide high quality food to the PTS student body and other members of the Seminary community, including many local products from the surrounding agricultural landscape for which New Jersey is famous (the “Garden State”). 
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