Publications on Kuyper and Neo-Calvinism

The Kuyper Center Web site is pleased to offer scholars the opportunity to reach a wider readership by listing their publications, and where possible offering electronic access. Authors are invited to send bibliographical details of new books and articles on Kuyper, Neo-Calvinism and related subjects to [email protected] and, where possible, PDF files and/or Internet links. Publications referenced in this way, together with relevant essays published in the The Princeton Seminary Bulletin and the Princeton Theological Review can be found below in the publication archive.

Speech at the Unveiling of the Kuyper Statue in Maassluis by Prime Minister J.-P. Balkenende of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (2008)

Speech at the Unveiling of the Kuyper Statue in Maassluis, by George Harinck (2008)

Culture, Church, and Civil Society: Kuyper for a New Century, by Richard J. Mouw, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 28:1 (2007)

The Position of the Church as Institute in Society: A Comparison between Bonhoeffer and Kuyper, by Gerard Dekker and George Harinck, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 28:1 (2007)

A Canopy of Grace: Common and Particular Grace in Abraham Kuyper's Theology of Science, by Clifford Blake Anderson, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 24:1 (2003)

Abraham Kuyper, South Africa and Apartheid, by George Harinck , The Princeton Seminary Bulletin 23:2 (2002)

Abraham Kuyper—A Modern Calvinist, by Jan Van Lonkhuyzen, The PrincetonTheological Review (1921)

Herman Bavinck (1921), by Henry Elias Dosker

The Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (1910), by Herman Bavinck

Partial List of the Works of Dr. Kuyper, by Henri De Vries, The Work of the Holy Spirit (1900)

Dr. Abraham Kuyper, by Witsius H. de Savornin Lohman, The Presbyterian and Reformed Review (1898)