The Kuyper Center Review is published annually by Wm B Eerdmans. Each volume comprises substantial essays of an historical or critical kind devoted to a specific theme that explores some aspect of the relation between reformed theology and public life. It takes a special interest in the writings of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920) and in the Neo-Calvinist style of thought that he initiated, but also aims to provide a vehicle for the best new work in a wide ranging exploration of the history and contemporary relevance of Reformed theology to important topics in politics, economics and culture.

The theme of each volume is based on a preceding conference, and usually includes revised versions of some of the conference papers, though submissions are welcome at any time. All papers are double blind peer reviewed for publication. They should be sent as an e-mail attachment to

The Kuyper Center Review
Contact the Kuyper Center for information about submitting a paper. (Microsoft Word format is preferred. If you use WordPerfect or another application, please save your document as an RTF file.).

Volume One – 2010 -- ‘Politics, Religion and Sphere Sovereignty’ edited by Gordon Graham
Volume Two – 2011 – ‘Revelation and Common Grace’ edited by John Bowlin
Volume Three – in press – ‘Calvinism and Culture’ edited by Gordon Graham

Submissions are invited for future volumes
Volume Four – ‘Neo-Calvinism and Democracy’ edited by John Bowlin
Volume Five – ‘Church and Academy’ edited by Gordon Graham