CSSP Spring Conference, 13-15th March 2015

”Common Sense and Enlightenment”

Friday  13th March

10-12 Panel: 'Scottish Philosophy before the Enlightenment'

Christian Maurer (Fribourg), Colin Heydt (South Florida), Giovanni Gellera (Glasgow)


1.15-3.30 Concurrent Sessions I


A Failure to Reason is not a Failure of Reason: Hume against Hutcheson in Treatise       

Alison McIntyre (Wellesley College)


Self-Love and Self-interest in Hutcheson               

Christina Chuang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)              


Scottish Philosophy of Language, Scottish Rhetoric, and the New Aesthetics of Language as Object in the Eighteenth Century        

Rosaleen Keefe                (University of Rhode Island)


"An (in-)Tolerable Sketch of the Human Mind": George Campbell's Misappropriation of Thomas Reid on Reason and Common Sense       

Stephen McKenna (Catholic University of America)



Courtoisie without court? Manners and politics in Adam Smith and the French Idéologues           

Spyridon Tegos (University of Crete)  


Hume and Smith on Slavery       

Andre Willis (Brown University)



4.00- 5.00 Plenary Lecture: Don Garrett (NYU)

"Hume's Philosophical Ambitions: Aims and Outcomes"




Saturday 14th

9-10.30 Concurrent Sessions II


Making Sense of Thomas Reid's Principles of Common Sense     

Gregory Poore (Shorter University)        


Stewart and Fearn on Kant        

Giovanni Grandi (University of British Columbia, Okanagan)        


What isn't Enlightenment: Thomas Reid on Utopia and not Thinking for Yourself              

James Foster (University of Sioux Falls)



Ideas of Education and Common Sense: Hutcheson and the Stoics           

Abigail DeHart (Grand Valley State University)


Francis Hutcheson and the Career of Philosophy: Reception, Reputation and Legacy

Daniel Carey (University College Galway)


Hume and Conjectural History  

Juan Samuel Santos Castro (University of Alberta)           


Catharine Macaulay as Critic of Hume; History, Morality, Liberty, and Enlightenment     

Karen Green (University of Melbourne)               


10.45 -12  Symposium: Adam Smith

Remy Debes (University of Memphis) and Maria Pia Paganelli (Trinity University, San Antonio)




1.15 - 3.30 Concurrent Sessions III


From Ontology to Epistemology: Thomas Reid on Animal Soul and Perception   

Sebastiano Gino (University of Turin)    


Thomas Reid and the Justification of First Principles        

Blake McAllister (Baylor University)



Against All Enthusiasms: Humean Skepticism and the Ideal of Moderation          

Nathan Sasser (University of South Carolina)     


Inferences, Objects and the Principle of Non-Contradiction: Understanding Hume's Adequacy Principle in its Contemporary Scottish Philosophical Context    

Wilson Underkuffler (University of South Florida)


Hume on the Meaning of Power              

Asher Jiang                        



Sympathy and the Long Road from Sensus Communis to Common Sense             

Thomas Micklich, Alexander Klaudies, and Roman A. Barton (Humboldt University, Berlin)           


Sensus Communis and Politeness: A Modern Response to Essentialization of Cultural Differences             

Corrado Fumagalli (University of Milan) 


Family Feeling between Common Sense and the History of Emotions: The case of John Miller

Nicholas Miller




19th Century Scottish Philosophy and the Emergence of British Idealism

Jennifer Keefe (University of Wisconsin, Parkside)


Intentionality, Brentano and Bain's Psychology

Federico Boccaccini (F.R.S- FNRS/University of Liege)


Common Sense Philosophy, Idealism, and the Preconditions for Thought             

Owen Anderson               (Arizona State University)



4 - 5.15 pm Symposium: The Scottish Reception of Kant,

Paul Guyer (Brown University), Des Hogan (Princeton University)



6pm Reception and Conference Banquet



Sunday 15th

9.00 -10.15 Symposium: Common Sense and Pragmatism

Peter Baumann (Swarthmore) and Douglas McDermid (Trent University, Ontario)



Concurrent Sessions IV

The Scottish Influence on Charles Peirce's Account of Perception

Aaron Wilson (South Texas College)       


James Wilson: The Democratic Intellect in America           

Robert Bayer (Patrick Henry College, VA)


The Scottish Enlightenment and prospects of open quantitative analysis of knowledge production in early modern Europe (1470-1800)        

Mikko Tolonen (University of Helsinki)        



11.30 - 12.30

Panel: 'The Idea of a Scottish Philosophical tradition'

Gordon Graham (Princeton Seminary), James Harris (St Andrews), Aaron Garrett (Boston U)



Conference ends