International Association for Scottish Philosophy
This web based association serves as an umbrella organization for individuals and societies with interests in any aspect of the Scottish philosophical tradition. It also makes the Journal of Scottish Philosophy both in print and on-line available to individuals at heavily discounted rates.

Adam Smith Society
The International Adam Smith Society was founded in 1995 with two aims: (i) to encourage interdisciplinary scholarly interest in Adam Smith's writings, as well as in topics and issues connected with his writings; and (ii) to provide a forum for the sharing of research and scholarship relating to Adam Smith.

Eighteenth Century Scottish Studies Society
An interdisciplinary and international society examining all aspects of 18th-century Scottish culture and society.

Gifford Lectures Online
The online Gifford Lectures database offers a comprehensive, searchable collection of books derived from the Gifford Lectures, the lecture series established by the bequest of Adam Lord Gifford to the four ancient Scottish universities.

Hume Society
The Hume Society is an international organization whose purpose is to stimulate scholarship on all aspects of Hume's thought and writings. It is open to everyone interested in Hume and his philosophical contemporaries.

Reid Society
Scots Philosophical Club
Founded in 1901, the Scots Philosophical Club is the professional association of philosophers in Scotland. Its primary purpose is to promote the study and teaching of philosophy in Scotland.