Can you recommend other sites about Karl Barth?

  • Karl Barth Archiv in Basel, Switzerland

    The Karl Barth Achiv houses the manuscripts and personal papers of Karl Barth as well as his library.

  • Karl Barth Tabletalks

    Two pastors have organized discussions of Karl Barth's sermons in his old parish of Safenwil, Switzerland.

  • Eberhard Busch's Homepage

    Eberhard Busch was the last research assistant to Karl Barth. He has published many books on the life and work of Karl Barth.

  • Karl Barth Research Institute in Göttingen, Germany

    A research institute at the university where Barth first became a professor.

  • John C. McDowell's Homepage

    John McDowell is the Meldrum Lecturer in New College at the University of Edinburgh. He maintains a personal website with numerous articles about Karl Barth.

  • Theologischer Verlag Zürich

    The Theologischer Verlag Zürich is the publisher of Karl Barth's Kirchliche Dogmatik and Gesamtausgabe

  • Online Bibliography of Karl Barth

    Princeton Theological Seminary, The Theological University of the Protestant Churches of The Netherlands, and Prof. dr. dr. Günter Thomas at the University of Bochum maintain an online bibliography of works by and about Karl Barth published since 1996.