The Board of Trustees of Princeton Theological Seminary met on Wednesday, November 16, by teleconference.  Article IV, Section 1a, of the By-Laws states: “The President of the Seminary shall be elected by a majority vote of the full membership of the Board of Trustees, having been nominated by a search committee.”

The following were elected to serve on the Presidential Search Committee.
Fred R. Anderson, co-chair
Darrell L. Armstrong
Robert W. Bohl
Amy Woods Brinkley, co-chair
Ellen Clark Clemot (student presence, M.Div. Senior)
John H. Donelik
Michael G. Fisch
Beverly Roberts Gaventa (faculty presence, PCUSA, elder)
Thomas R. Johnson
Todd B. Jones
Jinsoo Kim
Deborah A. McKinley
Dennis T. Olson (faculty presence, ELCA, minister)
William P. Robinson
George B. Wirth
Robert W. Bohl
Board Chair