Current Sermons 

September 5, 2014
Opening Communion Sermon for the 2014–2015 Academic Year
“The Power of a Word”
2 Peter 1:16–21 

September 8, 2014
Acts 1:1–5
“We are always waiting, even and especially in the church. Jesus didn’t give his disciples a goal to fulfill. Their mission was to wait upon the Spirit.” 

September 15, 2014
Acts 1:12–14
“Everyone who wants to be of use to the mission of Christ has to have an Upper Room where she or he goes to pray and attend to the leading of the Spirit.” 

September 22, 2014
Acts 2:1–13
“Pentecost converts disciples into apostles. One of the marks of this conversion is that we learn to speak to the many cultures around the church eager for good news. From the beginning, the Gospel was expressed in diverse languages and forms.” 

September 29, 2014
Acts 3:1–10
“We live in a culture that teaches us to lower expectations. This is especially true in the current generation of young adults. The apostles offered more than alms. They were devoted to healing which is more than we still expect.” 

October 6, 2014
Acts 4:1–12
“What does the apostles so confident that they could speak truth with no fear of imprisonment by those outside of it? Today for most pastors the question is how do we serve the church unafraid of those within it?” 

October 13, 2014
Acts 4:32–37
“Rather than presenting the Gospel as one more resource that may be relevant in self-constructing a life, our mission is to help people find their relevance to Christ. The Story doesn’t belong to us; we belong to it.”   

October 20, 2014
“Do It Again”
Philippians 4:8–9
“The Apostle Paul is not calling us to the heroic in ministry. Rather we are called to ‘keep on doing’ the ordinary acts of virtue that we have learned. God is delighted by ordinary and routine acts of faithfulness.”
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