Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Mentoring Component

    HTI assigns a mentor to each Doctoral and Comprehensive Exams Year fellow.  One of the key functions of the mentor will be to assure that fellows move as closely as possible to selecting a dissertation topic during the first year.  Mentors will relate personally with the student and with colleagues at the institution where the fellow is enrolled.  She/He will specifically meet with the fellow’s advisor to assure that the institution is responsive to the student’s particular needs and interests, or that other avenues are found to meet those needs and interests.

    Mentee’s Requirements

    1. Meet with Mentor once a year
    2. Introduce Mentor to Advisor at school and other important contact
    3. Submit a Mentee Report in the Fall and in the Spring
    4. Attend Mentor’s Workshop
    5. Fill out Confidential Evaluation of Mentor’s form
    6. Inform HTI of any concerns early on in the process

    Work towards a teaching experience, and present and publish an article (for second and third year fellows)