Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Financial Aid-Fellowships

    The Catholic University of America (CUA), Washington, DC, currently awards scholarships to graduate students based on merit. Some of these scholarships are competitive within the university as a whole; other scholarships are competitive within the school of the University. Teaching assistantships, research assistantships and teaching fellowships are also awarded on a competitive basis. Please consult the website of the School of Theology and Religious Studies for further details (http://trs.cua.edu/).

    Hispanic/Latino Faculty

    No information listed at this time.

    Hispanic Centers and Programs

    Center for the Study of Culture and Values (CSCV) is committed to mobilizing research teams to study the general nature, interpretation and development of cultures; organizing sets of scholars specializing in the cultural heritages of national groups; and providing graduate education to a new generation of professors and leaders, not only in specialized fields, but to relate this to their own cultural heritages.

     Through the work of a global network of research teams, the Team Research and International Conferences in Latin America, CSCV has focused on the cultural study of the Andes from Venezuela to Paraguay, with special attention to the indigenous cultures and the philosophical foundations of moral education. In addition, there have been a series of meetings in Brazil and a team from the Southern Cone has been meeting annually. There have been multiple participants in the annual 10 week seminars in Washington, D.C., and meetings in Bogotá and Lima had substantive participation from North America and Europe as well.

    Among The CSCV Publications are the “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change” series, which includes a subsection on Latin America.

    Contact information: [email protected]; Office and fax number: (202) 319-6089; Website: http://www.crvp.org/cscv/index.htm

    Library Resources

    The Oliveira Lima Library is a repository of bibliographic, archival and pictorial materials that illustrate the history and culture of the Portuguese-speaking peoples from the 16th to the early 20th century. Inaugurated at The Catholic University of America in 1924, its original nucleus of 40,000 volumes was the private library of its founder, the Brazilian diplomat and historian Manoel de Oliveira Lima (1867-1928). The collection of books, serials, pamphlets, broadsides and manuscripts today numbers more than 58,000 volumes. While its focus is the Portuguese world, especially Brazil, the collection also includes materials for the study of Asia, Africa, India, and other parts of Latin America.

    Theology Collection:

     The School of Theology and Religious Study possesses a small library of theological and pastoral resources, both printed and visual, that are available for Latina/o students and faculty.

    Other Resources

     Latin Alliance - This organization strives to respond to the social, political, cultural, and educational needs of the Latino community and to promote and publicize these needs to the university at large. Dedicated to fostering cultural awareness, political activism, and educational outreach, the Latin Alliance promotes Latin American/Hispanic cultures so that there is a better understanding and relationship between students at CUA.

    Spanish Club - El Club de Español - The purpose of this organization is to gain knowledge and understanding of Spanish and Latin American life, language and culture. Additionally, the Club promotes and encourages cultural exchanges among the many students of Spanish language and/or Hispanic descent through speakers, gatherings, lecturers, film viewings, and fiestas.


    Former HTI Fellows/HTIC Scholars

    Raúl Gómez-Ruiz
    Vicar General 
    Society of the Divine Savior 
    1999-2000 Dissertation Year Fellow

    Allan Johnson-Taylor
    2002-2003 Doctoral, 2003-2004 Doctoral Renewal Fellow
    Oswald John Nira
    Instructor of Religious Studies
    Our Lady of the Lake University
    1999-2000 Doctoral, 2000-2001 Comprehensive Exams Year Fellow
    Luis Alberto Tampe
    Faculty, Wheeling Jesuit University University, Wheeling, West Virginia
    2008-2009 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Theresa Lynn Torres
    Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Sociology/Anthropology
    University of Missouri-Kansas City
    1999-2000 Doctoral, 2000-2001 Comprehensive Exams Year, and 2001-2002 Dissertation Fellow

    Contact Information

    The HTIC person to contact for information on Ph.D. studies at The Catholic University of America is:

    Name: Rev. John T. Ford, C.S.C., S.T.D.
    Title: Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
    Coordinator, Hispanic/Latino Programs
    Telephone: 202-319-6501
    Email: [email protected]