Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Financial Aid-Fellowships

    Financial aid at LSTC includes Tuition Scholarships, Fellowships and Teaching/Research Assistant Stipends. Awards are made on the basis of both merit and need. Most students receive partial or full tuition scholarships. Grant awards usually range from $1,000 to $10,000 and can be received in addition to tuition scholarships. Some fellowships available are the Robert Marshall Fellowship, which supports students preparing for domestic teaching ministries, the William and Betty Danker Fellowship, which supports students preparing for teaching ministries in their communities of origin, and the James Scherer Fellowship.

    Hispanic/Latino Faculty

    José David Rodriguez
    Augustana Heritage Chair of Global Mission and World Christianity
    Expertise in Latino Theology and Post-colonial thought

    Hispanic Centers and Programs

    • The Multicultural Center at LSTC works with other seminaries, church wide offices, and Latino/a religious leaders to develop resources in research and ministerial practice relevant to multicultural settings and experience.
    • The Hispanic Summer Program national offices are the headquarters of the Hispanic Summer Program (HSP), a national program of studies gathering the best of the Latino/a faculty resources in North America.  Latino/a students from a variety of denominational affiliations and studying at accredited educational institutions of higher learning in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada are invited to attend.  The program takes place for an intensive two-week session every summer in one of the supporting institutions.

    Library Resources-Special Collections

    The JKM library provides electronic access to Referencia Latina, an online database of Latin American scholarly publications in Spanish.

    Other Resources

    No information listed at this time.

    Former HTI Fellows/HTIC Scholars

    Javier R. Alanís
    Interim Director/Associate Academic Dean
    Associate Professor of Theology, Culture, and Mission
    Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest
    1998-1999 Comprehensive Exams Year and 2001-2002 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Francisco Javier Goitia-Padilla
    2001-2002 Doctoral, 2002-2003 Doctoral Renewal, 2003-2004 Comprehensive Exams Year, and 2004-2005 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Suzanne E. Hoeferkam-Segovia
    Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology
    The Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest
    2001-2002 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Hjamil A. Martinez Vázquez
    Independent Scholar
    1999-2000 Doctoral, 2000-2001 Doctoral Renewal, 2001-2002 Comprehensive Exams Year, and 2002-2003 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Jonathan Pimentel
    2010-2011 First-Year Doctoral, 2011-2012 Second-Year Doctoral, 2012-2014 Comprehensive Exams Year, 2013-2014 Dissertation Year Scholar
    Carmelo Santos-Rolón
    Associate Pastor at St. Mark’s/San Marcos Lutheran Church, Springfield, Virginia
    Consultant for Hispanic Ministries
    ELCA Metro D.C. Synod
    2002-2003 Doctoral, 2003-2004 Doctoral Renewal, 2004-2005 Comprehensive Exams Year, and 2005-2006 Dissertation Year Fellow
    Crystal Silva-McCormick
    2011-2012 First-Year Doctoral

    Contact Information

    The HTIC person to contact for information on Ph.D. studies at Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, is:

    Name:                  José D. Rodríguez
    Title:                    Professor, Systematic Theology
    Telephone:          773-256-0772
    Email:                  [email protected]