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    Perspectivas Fall 09 Color Cover

       Fall 2009 

    Intent on making available to a wide audience the scholarship of Latina/o PhD students and HTI graduates in religion and theology, HTI published the first issue of Perspectivas in 1998. In Perspectivas Latina/o scholarship found a vehicle to reach an appreciative readership among faculty and students at schools of theology, seminaries, and departments of religion and universities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, as well as among a growing number of churches and other community organizations. Thanks to the high quality material our contributors present, the journal enjoys an enviable reputation.

    Responding to the pressing need for a publication such as this, we concluded not only that continuing to publish Perspectivas was imperative, but also that our discerning audience would welcome any efforts to enhance it. As a result, we are proud to announce that this publication will now be a peer review journal. Presently, we have over twenty Latina/o scholars, both tenured and non-tenured, who will share their expertise in their respective fields as peer-reviewers. In its new form, Perspectivas will be both a journal that critically engages religious education, and also connects with the Latino communities across the nation. We are thrilled to provide a new form where more members of our dynamic communities can address issues affecting the day-to-day living of nuestra gente.

    Electronic copies of Perspectivas is available below. The initial issues of the journal are being offered free to subscribers; donations are nevertheless welcome. Please click here if you or your organization/church would like to be added to Perspectivas distribution list.



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