Hispanic Theological Initiative.

Creating and Nurturing a Community of Latina and Latino Scholars.
Through the Combined Efforts of the Consortium Member Schools.
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    Hispanic Theological Initiative Annual Brochure



    Brochure 14-15

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    the 2014-15 HTI Annual Brochure



    Eighteen years ago, several members of the then dearth cohort of Latin@ scholars in the fields of theology and religion gathered to draft a program to support the next generation of Latin@ scholars. The vision was to create a program that would cultivate scholars who would become deeply committed to both the academy and the church. The program would aim to increase the presence of Latin@ faculty, particularly tenured faculty, in seminaries, schools of theology, and universities.

     Today, we stand in awe as we take stock of the important contributions and the impact that that vision (now known as the Hispanic Theological Initiative (HTI)) has made in religious and theological education across the United States and abroad! In less than two decades, what began as a small initiative among a few dedicated scholars has grown and evolved into a national, ecumenical, and inter-institutional consortium. The Hispanic Theological Initiative Consortium (HTIC) comprises some of the top seminaries, theological schools, and religion departments in the country.

    Pictured on the cover are 29 logos representing the HTIC’s 29 member schools. Together, we are highly committed to innovating, impacting, and transforming theological and religious education in order to equip scholars and leaders to face the current and future realities of the church and the world.

     Innovating. HTIC member institutions have adopted the en conjunto (in community) model of leadership, which has been the hallmark of HTI/HTIC since its inception. Together, member institutions continue to strengthen our collaborative efforts by harnessing the power of the collective through the intentional practices of networking and encouragement, goal setting and accountability, and supporting and mentoring scholars and leaders.

     Impacting. With the support of HTIC member institutions, HTI has succeeded at graduating and promoting over 97 Latin@ Ph.D. students who have made, and continue to make rich contributions to the academy, the church, and the world. In order to strengthen our position in the larger landscape of education, the HTIC propagates the en conjunto working model with Ph.D.-granting institutions and partnering institutions across the nation.

     Transforming. As a result, the HTIC is one of the only spaces where presidents, deans, and faculty from high-ranking academic institutions regularly gather en conjunto. Together, they address the educational needs of their institutions and academia in general, and discuss how Latin@ Ph.D. students, and faculty, can contribute to and promote their goal of creating and sustaining a larger impact in religious and theological education.

    Highlighted throughout the brochure, are testimonios from partnering institutions praising HTI/HTIC for being “uniquely entrepreneurial and innovative.” HTI/HTIC’s collaborative spirit has been a source of exponential growth. It is this same spirit that continues to be the catalyst propelling us forward into sustainable transformation.

    As the initiative faces a new academic year and a new strategic phase, we reflect on our history and recognize that over time faithful incremental steps do, in fact, yield big results. We leave you with this brochure, which not only shares our history but also invites you to imagine how you might partner with us in the work of innovating, impacting, and transforming the academy, the church, and the world. 


    The Reverend Joanne Rodríguez  




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