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    Alessandri, Mariana 2

    Dr. Mariana Alessandri

    University of Texas Pan American

    Assistant Professor
    Edinburg, TX
    [email protected]
    Curriculum Vitae: Alessandri, M. CV


    Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (2010)
    M.A., American University (2004)
    B.A, Mary Washington College 2000

    Biography Statement

    Dr. Alessandri is a Latina philosophy professor, which is as rare as it gets in academia. She is also a Chilena Catholic from New York, which is also quite rare. Her philosophical interests are always religiously motivated, and the HTI has always encouraged her to emphasize these connections in her teaching and research. Her dissertation took for its central figure Don Quixote, and she used philosophers Søren Kierkegaard and Miguel de Unamuno to analyze his behavior as both ethical and religious. She now teaches on the U.S.-Mexico border at UTPA, which is 90% Hispanic. Teaching this population is the best work that she could imagine doing. It is here in the Rio Grande Valley that she will continue her philosophical work on Quixote, religion, and ethics. In addition to her wonderful academic position, she is married and has a beautiful baby, Santiago.